If you are doing these 7 Things while dating, you are an intelligent person!

Dating an intelligent person comes with its own list of highs and lows. While intelligent people tend to always find a smarter way of looking at things, they are also more productive at whatever endeavours they undertake. To be honest. Intelligence has always been the most sought after thing while dating. No matter how good looking a potential date is, is he/ she is lacking the intelligence, it is a huge turn-off. Agree? I am sure you do! While all of this does sound really nice, there are also flip sides to dating an intelligent person. Here are a few things that you are doing while dating if you are intelligent. Negatives or positives, well, this is how dating with you really goes for a less smarter person than you are:

If you are doing these 7 Things while dating, you are an intelligent person!

You have a solution to all problems


You are basically a quick thinker. And this is why problem-solving comes to you quite naturally. Your partner can take refuge in the fact that you will take care of all challenges because you just don’t do things haphazardly but you are very organised. So, counting on you is much easier. And even if some problem- solving is beyond your capacity for the specific moment you are so competitive that you will definitely come up with something in the fastest possible time.


You always teach your partner something new


Being with you can be a great learning experience. You are always ready to offer your insights. The fact that you have a huge appetite to learn, you also make the other person, well, almost like you. This, means the other person also derives this desire to learn more to cope with you. Not just do you like to learn but you also see to it that people around you can also heighten their intellectual capacities. Thus, even if you break up too soon with the less smarter “other” in the relationship, you will still have contributed to their overall personality. [Read: 10 essential skills of a woman with a great personality]


You criticise when things aren’t perfect


You want everything to be planned. That goes for dates, day-outs, movies, and even having sex! Unorganised activities kill your interest. You partner finds it hard to keep up with your interests. He/ she may find it difficult to fulfil your expectations. This is why you end up pushing them to achieve perfection in all that they do. You have disregard for the littlest discrepancies and fail to be adaptable to quick changes. You need everything done just like the way you like it for your quest for perfection is too high.


You are sharp with your words

If you are doing these 7 Things while dating, you are an intelligent person!

You are too witty. So much so that the other person finds himself/ herself dumb more often. Also, you are upfront with all that you have to say. While this can give clarity to those people dear to you, they also stand the chance of facing your wrath. You may end up hurting them when you are in no mood to beat around the bush to come to the point. While to some this is the best way you could be with them, for the sensitive people this come crushing in. You just end up making them feel dejected. [Read: 6 Qualities that you need to steal from confident women right now!]


You understand people’s needs better


You like satisfying your partner. You make that effort because you are so good with understanding what they need. Plus, when you are able to hold good conversations with your partner, one thing eventually leads to the next. It is easier for you to seduce people’s minds which lets them let you enter their bedrooms sooner. You are so invested in enticing the other person, having sex with you is a great experience altogether.


You are a great multitasker


You are too good with doing multiple things at the same time. This means while you are a pro at your work, you are also good at dating while you like to keep yourself updated about everything happening that needs your attention. While it can be annoying for someone who loves undivided attention, for others it can be a great trait that you have. [Read: 9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!]


You make the other person feel dumb


Sometimes the urge to beat your own drums is so high that you cannot help but tell people how good you are. You brag about your smallest accomplishments and like to make the other person feel like they are lucky to have you. In the process, the other person can feel left out. He/ she suffers from an inferiority complex because you make it too obvious that you have a superior intellect. While it is great to tell people of what you have achieved, you have to be careful with how you present your thoughts and control your speech. After all, you are here to keep the other person happy and not to prove your might.

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