7 Things girlfriends do when they get jealous

While the title talks about girlfriends specifically, it is true that jealousy is a very common negative emotion among all sexes, whether a man or a woman. When you are in a relationship, it is more common to fall into the trap because you can’t help but get jealous of other vying for your partner’s attention. Well, this is healthy to some extent but can take a scary turn if you don’t tighten the reins sooner. Even when you trust this person a lot, you will find it difficult to contain your jealousy at times.

7 Things girlfriends do when they get jealous

While it is normal, just like any other negative emotion to harbour this emotion, it is too draining and can make you feel frustrated. Here are a few things that all girlfriends do when they are jealous. While you may not accept them as an expression of your jealousy, you are being driven to do them unconsciously. Sometimes, people like to entertain jealousy just to ascertain that their partner is equally interested in them. There is nothing wrong in being scared of losing someone. Where you learn to draw a line is what keeps your relationship going despite the highs and lows. One who truly cares about you will never make you jealous in the first place but would rather make others jealous by how much they truly respect and care about you. [Read: 5 Ways to contain jealousy and be an understanding girlfriend!]


They start lying about the real issue


Jealousy can cause girlfriends to get too secretive about things. While she might be tempted to let this person know what is bothering her, she will choose to hide her emotions. No matter how hard you try to press her getting the information out, she will place one lie after the other to cover up the real issue.


Her mood swings will drive you crazy


While women are prone to mood swings, it can get crazier when they are jealous. While she might act warm at one moment, you will also have to deal with your cold self when you do something that she doesn’t approve of. It might be very difficult for you to accept that further when she chooses to beat around the bush rather than giving you a specific cause of her behaviour. [Read: What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? 5 Signs to look out for!]


She will ignore you like she never cared


This is very common when girlfriends wish to draw some attention. While ignoring can be hard, women will still do that to assess if their partner is the least bit bothered. She tries to have you win over her. She keeps looking for the effort that you would put to keep her calm. If she acts like she has got too much work to be bothered about all of a sudden, she is just pretending to avoid you.


Trying to draw the attention of other men


When women get jealous, they try to make their man jealous too. The easiest way to do that is to eye other men. This allows them to help men taste the same dose of medicine that they serve their girlfriend. Flirting with other guys will make your boyfriend irritated and he will start caring about his girlfriend more in the fear that he might lose her. [Read: Do you crave constant attention from men?]


They get too clingy around their partner


Jealous girlfriends find it too hard to let go off their partner in the fear that they will be taken away. So, they try clinging to him in the effort to mark their territory. They would hate to have any other woman loitering around their guy and so they act all too attention seeking of their boyfriends like they desperately need to be treated like a princess. [Read: 5 Mistakes that make you a clingy girlfriend!]


They start abusing the “other girl”


Some jealous girlfriends get so furious that they cannot keep their anger all to themselves. They end up hurting the image of the “other” girl. It is easier to speak negatively about this third person than the man she loves. Whether the allegations are well found or not, jealous girlfriends will find that the easiest option to resort to when they are mad at their boyfriends. [Read: 16 Habits of happy independent women that are worth learning!]


They try to stalk their boyfriends

7 Things girlfriends do when they get jealous

Girlfriends are real good stalkers. Jealousy can drive them into searching for clues to support their blame. While men might think that their profiles are secure, girlfriends can actually go to some crazy extents when they want to dig all information about your whereabouts. Not just virtually, jealous girlfriends can keep a very close watch on how you perform your daily activities and look for hints at any discrepancies in your behaviour.


They say something and mean something else


Women tend to get very sarcastic when they are jealous. While it might get you confused, she will be torn between telling you what the problem is and also trying to conceal the true emotions. She will smile or probably laugh out loud in between sentences that sound rude.