7 Things men love the most about a woman they adore!

We love keeping our man happy. We love going beyond our comfort zone to do things for them. We like to make them feel special and show them how much we love them. So, you have been quite a pro at doing everything that he likes and avoiding that which he doesn’t. But do you still feel you are lacking somewhere and could make things better? This means you need to know what the male psyche is like.  This will help do things that matches their level of satisfaction and makes him love you more. Men don’t really harbour too many complaints. They tend to be simple creatures and you can hit the right spot, you have him all to yourself. Here are a few things men just can help but absolutely love about women:

7 Things men love the most about a woman they adore!

Cooking that food that he loves best


This must be a common thing: If you want to win your man’s heart, pay attention to his stomach. If you can feed him the best foods he will love you so much more. He knows the skill that goes into cooking great food, and when you do that he understands the effort you have put in to make him feel so special.


The way you lift up his mood


There are time when a man goes crazy with his work and other pressures. The fact that men tend to be closed up with regard to their emotions, it just makes them feel more needy to have someone who can understand that without them having to be too vocal about their feelings. Men love it when you patiently listen to him and offer constructive solutions.


When you work hard to stay independent


Even when he knows that he can take care of you, he loves it when you take the initiative to making something of your life. He wants to see you reach heights and stay independent regardless of anything else. Men don’t really appreciate women who are clingy and expect a man to take all her responsibility while they act as blood suckers.


When you lovingly gaze at him


A loving gaze can make him feel really special. Men love feeling wanted just like us. They like it when we stare at them with admiration in our eyes. It just gives them a feeling of confidence that they are with someone who adores every inch of them. Men are naturally competitive, then try to be the best. So, when a woman already makes him feel like a winner, he can’t help but stay crazy about her.


When you thoroughly enjoy his presence


Men love to see their woman happy. It gives them immense pleasure to see her doing things that she loves and she is thoroughly enjoying what he does for her. When he is trying to be funny and you smile (even when you don’t find it funny enough), he just likes it. The fact that he is the reason that you are smiling, gives him the satisfaction that he is being able to do everything that he promised to: the most important being, to keep you happy always.


That you have a positive attitude


There is already a lot of negativity around. Sure, your man too is not untouched by that. But when he is around you, he loves to feel all the positivity that you carry with yourself. He loves it when you have the power to bring in positivity wherever you are. If you are someone who is a source of happiness for people around you, his happiness will be visible. It just makes them feel happier about the choice that they made to have you in their life.


When you initiate sex

7 Things men love the most about a woman they adore!

Men love sex. Their hormones are almost always raging. Sounds funny, but that’s the truth. Men love it when you make the effort to initiate sex. He feel desired. He loves to satisfy you. When you appreciate all his moves in the bed, he gets an added thrust to get better each time. They don’t like having sex with someone who isn’t interested. When you build the anticipation and talk dirty, they can’t help but get crazier with you. Give them good sex and they can stay hooked for long.


When you complain less


No amount of effort is ever enough. You might like to bring the stars and the moon for your lover but if their needs are never fulfilled, the complaints keeping flooding in. Men love it when the woman they love can stay happy in the present and help them make the relationship perfect. Either of you aren’t perfect but if you can show your sincere efforts, he understands that you attach higher importance to the relationship than individual differences.

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