7 things all “pink obsessed” would relate to!

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!


A girl’s favorite color is assumed to be ‘pink’ by default. But there are a few who’re carrying out this custom a bit too far away! If you’re one of those “I’m in love with pink” kinds of girls, you’d definitely agree with a few points coming your way now:


  • “Is this dress available in pink??”

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!


This is your first question to the store manager every time your eyes roll upon a gorgeous piece of an outfit. That’s why your wardrobe is overloaded with clothes and footwears of this color. It looks like you own the pink department of the fashion world.

The pinker, the merrier!


  •  The obsession extends to your cosmetics too!

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

Any makeup session isn’t complete without brushing that pink lipstick against your lips, with some pink eyeshadow spread over your eyes and a tint of pink blush applied on your cheeks. Barbie dolls need to get some serious inspiration from you!


  • “Forget about the RAM and ROM…. the phone should be pink first!”

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

Little do you care about the technical details of your gadgets, what matters the most is the color. Mobile phones or laptops, bluetooth or headsets. What use are these things of without some highlights of pink on them! If you can’t manage to get one of your choices, ‘pink covers’ come to your rescue. Now we know, who’s the source of those jokes on girls’ obsession with pink gadgets!


  • You get used to nicknames like ‘pinky’ or ‘gulaabo’!

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

Being the official brand ambassador of this color, these names suit nobody the best but you, exclusively *you*. And you do justify your friends who call you with these names every time you step out of your house looking all rosy and blushed.


  • “Salmon pink, magenta pink, champagne pink or baby pink….??”

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

Remember that scene from ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ …?? Yup! Your boyfriend is also often bombarded with such questions whenever you two go out for shopping. While some fail to recognize the difference between ‘white’ and ‘off-white,’ you can effortlessly distinguish between the numerous shades of pink, like an expert!


  • You love your femininity!

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

If boys find it cool to show off their manlier side, why should girls be left behind in flaunting their womanish traits? You are pretty much in touch with your ladylike attitude and feminine gesture. And you should surely take these features of yours as compliments! *Thumbs Up*


  • Nurturer of the world!

7 things all pink obsessed would relate to!

Having a personality color pink indicates giving unconditional love, support, care and nurturing to everyone around and yourself as well. You’re delicate, sensitive, naive and sweet as sugar. Your softness and warm approach are enough to draw others to you in no time.

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