7 Things that he will do for you only if you are his priority!

Love is a beautiful thing and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t felt love yet. People on the other hand, can be mean and manipulative. But it’s the risk you got to take in the search for love; getting yourself hurt. But one of the major things someone in love does is make you their priority. If someone is lacking this they still haven’t fallen for you. And to help you understand if you are his priority or not here are some signs you can look for.

Shows up on time

Have you ever seen someone getting late for a meeting on purpose? Chances are you’ll never see that because that’s important to them and their life. People are not that difficult to decode, they will be punctual for the things that matter to them. So if he’s always on time for dates, he’s trying to show you that you are important for his life. If he is constantly late and he makes excuses, you are not on his priority list.

Cares for the things you care

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This is a very simple gesture yet speaks volumes about the person’s interest in you. It’s not important that people love the same things you do but they can still care for them. This shows that the relationships matter to them more than their likes and dislikes. This easily shows where their priorities lie.

Plans stuff

As a guy let me tell you something about guys, we hate to plan stuff. We suck at doing it and most of our life has been random. So if a guy is putting efforts and planning dates, surprises and parties for you, he is head over heals for you. But if he just lets you do the planning and join in whenever that means you are not really important for him. The same rule goes for the girls. So the next time your guy plans something, even though it’s sucky, know you are his priority.

Shows you off

A guy in love behaves exactly the way a child behaves when he gets a new toy (no I’m not objectifying women). I’m just comparing the enthusiasm. He will show you off to his family, friends, and colleagues. He wouldn’t miss a chance to flaunt the love of his life in front of people who are a part of his life. He will also like to take you everywhere; to dinner parties, family anniversaries, company parties etc. For him, you are the only one that matters and he feels lucky to have you.

Remembers the little things

If a man is serious he’ll start remembering the little things. He’ll know your birthday, your favorite cake, your choice of ice cream, your favorite uncle and all the little things that make you. This is not because he wants to be nosy but because he wants to know every little detail about you. He appreciates you as a person and hence wants to know as much as possible.

Sex is not just about him

To be honest this is a topic everyone likes to avoid but we are in the 21st century and it’s about time we accept that we all like sex and it’s an integral part of a relationship. So if he’s someone who lets you do all the work and just sits back and enjoy, he’s not your guy. A guy in love likes to please his woman as much as he’d like to get pleased. He understands that just like him you also have needs and works on it. And that’s why it’s called making love.

He’s there for you

If you had a bad day he’ll be there to cheer you up. If you drop in a text he’ll always reply as soon as he sees it. He is not the one who says it sucks when you are trying to find the problem to a solution. He’s not the one who doesn’t meet you for days even though he has plenty of time on his hand. If he makes you his priority he’s always going to be there in some way or the other.


These again won’t ensure love would come knocking on your doors the first time. But it will help you to know who is serious about you and who is not. If I missed some, please feel free to add it in the comments.

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