7 Things that women expect from men but will never say!

Women are better at communicating what they want, but even they find it difficult to convey their needs to the man they love. They have needs which are almost unanimously agreed to by all women regardless of the core differences that they might have. To be fair, these expectations are very basic in a relationship but women still feel very reluctant to speak of these. A woman expects her man to know these rather than us having to spell out every little detail. These expectations are not unrealistic and every man is capable of doing these without any burn at all. In fact these are the very things that men don’t pay much attention to which causes cracks to develop in the relationship. Of course we don’t expect them to be perfect and be great at every one of these but if a man sincerely makes the effort to do justice to at least a few, a woman couldn’t be less happier.

Here's what a woman expects from her man but will never say!

Take pride in me


We just wish to be accepted by our partners the way we are. We want them to understand and appreciate all the compromises and sacrifices that we make and take sincere pride in that. We want them to realise that we work equally hard and that deserves equal respect. Of course we don’t want to beat our own drums which is why we want you to realise it yourself.


Take charge when I am falling apart


There are times when we break down and we cannot carry on further. We just want a break from the regular lifestyle. Everything seems to be going different ways than we expect. We need you to understand that and lead in trying times. Realise that we cannot bear the burden of responsibilities all the time. Whether it is something as simple as buying groceries or cleaning some mess, we need men to step up and extend a helping hand.


Understand because I can’t keep explaining forever

Here's what a woman expects from her man but will never say!

We expect men to make the effort to know us well. Both inside and outside. This way you truly let us know if you do care enough. Sometimes, we just need to be told that you understand what we go through and you want to make things better for us. We need you to understand that being harsh doesn’t work as great as a few loving words. It is easier to fall trap to the misconceptions that surround us. We need you to understand that you matter to us without having to prove that to you all the time. Understand what and who we really are instead of what you want us to be like.


Care about me because I am already hard on myself


When our partner cares for us, we feel like an important part of his life. There is already enough pressure to prove our worth and we tend to be hard on ourselves a lot more than we should be. We want you to take care of our well being. It only makes us feel that we have someone to fall back on. Someone who is a confidante. Even when we know we need to take some time off for self- care we are usually too worked up and consumed with work pressures. Just make us breathe a little easy taking refuge in the fact that you are there no matter what.


Let me take a break when I need to


Sometimes, life knocks down the best of us. We need some space to figure out what’s happening and how we can get out of that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the source of our troubles. We don’t wish to breakup or give you some sort of a silent treatment. We just wish to evaluate things and come out stronger than before. We may not bluntly blurt it out but we expect you to be attentive to our moods and realise when we expect some break. Let us deal with our demons on our own when we want to. Give us that autonomy.


Give me the security: Both mental and financial

Here's what a woman expects from her man but will never say!

We don’t expect a millionaire although a few of us may. We expect you to make us feel safe. For some of us, we like to take happiness in the fact that you are working hard to make yourself good enough to provide us the security that we seek. Let’s be realistic, love doesn’t feed your stomach. When financial needs are not satisfied, it will reflect on the relationship. We also need you to be a protective shield when we walk with you. Even if we earn better than you, you need to be capable enough to bring home the stability that both of us deserve. In fact, we will also stand by your side when you need us. Be loyal to us, make us feel unique and better than the others vying for your attention. Make us feel like we are the best that you could every expect.

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