7 things you should ask your future partner

7 things you should ask your future partner

Tall dark and handsome these are the qualities a little girl dreams of during her childhood but as she grows up her thoughts changes and gradually she understands that looks don’t measure an individuals’ quality. A right partner is one who takes care of the intricate details of their better half and creates an understanding around them. But such things can be tough when you opt for an arranged marriage and you know nothing about the stranger.

Here are some of the questions that you should ask a guy before giving your consent.


Their likes and dislikes:

It is very important to ask the guy about their interests, pass time activities they like and what all they expect from their better-half. It is the first step to knowing a particular person. Try and understand what they feel about staying together. Though you can’t expect to know every tiny details but it is sure to help you to get a better understanding.


Ask his views on a woman with career:

For a woman of the present century it is very important to know whether the man they want to settle down with feels the same as you do for yourself. Talk to him about your career goals and aspirations and try and get their idea about a woman’s career and what they feel about the same.


Try and make him talk about his career:

7 things you should ask your future partner

If you can talk about your career with a complete stranger then it is also necessary that the other person should start talking about theirs. If a man has career aspirations in life you will get an idea about the way he handles responsibilities and his sincerity.


Ask about his expectations from you:

The best way to know a man is to ask them how they want their wife to be. Ask him what all he wants from his wife and the duties he expects them to do. This is a very intense issue and guys tend to be sensitive about such details, be a bit polite while asking the same.


Try to derive his thought on the responsibility he has towards his in-laws:

In an arranged marriage not only a couple but two families entwine together to be there for each other during tough times. Make sure that you ask him how he feels about his role as your parent’s son-in-law. You can understand a lot by the way he describes his duty.


Ask about his religious inclinations:

You might be or might not be the one with strong religious beliefs but the guy might be the total opposite. It is best to know about religious beliefs before assenting to an arranged marriage. Remember you two will have to share the same roof.


His plans post-marriage:

7 things you should ask your future partner

Try and get an understanding about the things he has planned after getting married. Whether he wants to settle down in the present city or is planning to move to a different destination. You can likewise decide on what suits you the best.

Marriage is a big step and getting married to a complete stranger is even bigger. Try and get to know a person before making a major decision of getting married. Rest assured, Good luck!



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