7 Ways to deal with a Complicated relationship

Is your relationship status complicated? So what makes your relationship complicated as you would like to call it? Is it because of trust issues, lack of commitment, undisclosed feelings, or just that nothing is official yet? Most of the times, people just don’t try and find their specific problem which is why they don’t understand how to solve it.

Ways to deal with a Complicated relationship


In an ideal scenario, the best advice that people will offer is to move on with someone who gives you a better clarity in a relationship. And that is partly the right way to deal with it. But sometimes, matters of the heart cannot be decided on just like that. Here are a few ways in which you could attempt to look at your problem clearly and find out a better solution to deal with your complicated status.


Find out the problem


Yes, you need to be absolutely sure about the root of the issue. Unless you do, you don’t really know what to improve. There may not be just one but multiples issues in hand. Look at each problem by isolating it from the other. Be very specific about the issue. If long distance is your issue, work on it. Whatever be the problem, deal with it. That is the first step towards solving all your problems.


Work on opening the communication channel


The main cause of almost all relationship issues is that people don’t communicate with each other. If your ego is too huge, then it is impossible to get along with the other gender. Your relationship is complicated because either of you is not willing to open up. Chances are you are misunderstanding each other. You don’t trust each other enough to solve your issues and move ahead. Either of you may be waiting for the other person to open up. The feelings might be intact but unsolved issues are making the relationship more complicated than it should be.


Be honest about the relationship

Ways to deal with a Complicated relationship

There is no point cheating here. Try and analyse if you are the root cause of all issues. Are you the one giving him the mixed signal? Are the one scaring him away from committing? Face your shortcomings first and then blame him. Figure out who needs some fixing before you can think of fixing the relationship. If you are doing everything correctly, then be sensitive while pointing out his flaws. No one likes being told what they do incorrectly. There is a way to let people know where they are going wrong.


Ask for help


People sometimes want to keep their relationship a secret because they fear being embarrassed in case it doesn’t materialise. It’s okay if it works well for both. However, when in a complicated relationship you need to have a third party’s perspective. They might help you look at things that you aren’t noticing because of very obvious biases. A neutral outlook can help you make your relationship very successful. So instead of over thinking, just give it a try and you might actually find a valuable advice on the matter.


See if you truly love him


Only if you actually are in love with him, you will want to work for the success of the relationship. Did you figure out if you actually have feelings for him? Are you in a complicated state just because you don’t make the efforts like you used to before? It is funny how we forget to remind ourselves why we love the person and what made us want to go the next level with him. If you don’t really know why you love them then chances are, you don’t love them at all. This gives you a much clearer idea about what to do.


Show him that you love him

 Ways to deal with a Complicated relationship

When things are complicated, it means either of you don’t feel loved at all. You need to make the other person feel it. Some people need that reassurance almost everyday! Just telling him may not express things as well as doing things that reflect your actual feelings. Even the littlest gesture might rekindle what’s lost.


Take a break


Yes, you read this right. Spending time apart can help you understand if he misses you and vice versa. You might actually fear that this kind of space might break the relationship, but trust me, distance does wonders at times. You can get answers to whether he actually feels the same about you. You will understand what you actually expect and whether or not he is doing enough to make you feel wanted. It is then you will be able to decide and let him know how you see the situation.


It is not necessary for a complicated relationship to die a tragic death. You may not be in a great place now but once you find the right mode of action, you never know how perfect you would turn out to be!