7 Ways to get him in mood for a great night

You may have heard this quite often that men think about sex more than women. But there are days when they need an extra push to get in the mood for a great night. Some days you might be feeling the rush while he wants to just sit back and relax. Here are few tips that will instantly get your partner in the mood. To ace this, you need to be intuitive and connected to what your partner expects of you when it comes to sex.

7 Ways to get him in mood for a great night

Consider his body your territory that you should be in charge of if you really wish to give him a  great time. Once you know the bliss points on his body, getting him in the mood is a child’s play. You may just be upfront about wanting sex but it is always exciting if you can add a little mystery and trick him into bed. Teasing him will arouse him more and he will not be able to keep his hands off you.


Isn’t that a better way to get naughtier with him than resorting to just a mechanical way of making love? The art of igniting the passion in bed is a great way to keep your man’s interest alive and kicking in the relationship. While playing your seductive skills to low might stand the risk of being completely overlooked by your man, playing it just right on point is always the key to having him ready for sex whenever you want it.


Focus on the ambience


To get your man in the mood, you should play on the things that he loves the best about a great ambience during sex. If a particular scent turns him on, make sure the room has the very same scented candles. If dim lights are his thing, make sure you have the right amount of light in the room. Just the ambience can be enough to make him submissive to your moves and needs.


Play the right track


Music can be a great mood setter. With the right kind of music you can actually sway your way to your favourite positions. Good music can be very soothing. You need to relax when having sex. To heighten his senses, play the most passionate music you know or something that your partner has confessed to getting him in the kinkier mood. With a fantastic playlist, you are sure to get him all over you.


Know the pressure points

7 Ways to get him in mood for a great night

Yeah, good sex needs efforts. If you want to give him a good time and make him crave for more whenever he thinks of you, you need to know exactly those points in his body that gets his toes curling. Explore his body or erogenous zones without having sex. Ask him which are the places he wants you to concentrate on. If he is into great massage, learn that. There is nothing more relaxing than a good massage at the end or start of the day.  He will feel an immediate rush of blood between his legs if you can actually master the right kind of pressure on him.


Sext him throughout the day


Sexting can be a great way to give him all the hints about what you want him to do to you. Build the right kind of anticipation will drive him crazy. Make sure you tell him what you would do to him. When he meets you, modulate your voice and whisper sweet nothings to his ears while you seductively touch him right at those places which tickles him.


Wear what he likes


Men get turned on visually. If you man like your boobs or butts, make sure you wear exactly what flaunts your assets. Get closer to him so that he feels what he sees. If he wants to touch you, let him. Touch him back. He would be dying to take that off you.


Look him in the eye


Maintaining great eye contact is a great way to tease him. Mix that gaze with some grace and naughtiness. When he looks back, stare at him for some time and look away while you pass on a smile. A great balance of the bold and the shy is a great way to tell your man what you need.


Seduce his mind


Some men get turned on when a woman can speak on just about anything. A good conversation is a great turn on for some men. be strong about your opinions but accommodative of what he has to say. It is attractive to a man who can’t help but think of how aggressive you can be while talking and he would want a taste of that in bed too. So, take charge even if you are the submissive kind. Your man wants to see the latent tigress in you.