7 Ways to Make a guy want you instead of chasing him

Do you like a guy these days but aren’t sure how to get him hooked to you without having to chase him? None of us are perfect and this is what makes each one of us unique in our own way. If you suffer from insecurity of any sort, it will be but obvious for you to chase any man you notice. Chasing is not degrading your level. Some people just like that initially but if you are being made to chase forever, that is straight to the level of vindictiveness. Now nobody wants to feel like a loser after making all the efforts. So, how do you get this guy to notice you and make his moves? Here are a few things that you need to know if you want to make his guy go gaga over you:

7 Ways to Make a guy want you instead of chasing him

Be confident about yourself


If you really want men to notice you and want you crazy, you will have to be confident in your own skin. A woman who is confident with her speech and actions is someone who is sure to grab some eye balls. It is very appealing to men to be around women who can really take charge and do whatever they do with confidence oozing all out. That causes men’s interests to skyrocket within seconds of noticing you.


Show him your interest

7 Ways to Make a guy want you instead of chasing him

Unless a guy gets clear signals that you wish to talk to him, he will perhaps never make a good effort to speak with you. So, you need to signal him your interest and wait for him to respond. If he is equally interested, he will chase you. Your body language should be inviting him to whatever you desire. See if that is reciprocated in an equal fashion.


Have the same kind of interests


This one seems a little tough if you are poles apart. But yeah, the more time you spend together the more you end up liking the same kind of things. While people harp on the fact that opposites attract, my experiences says that it is always a sure shot way to a disaster. People who are so very different will never make it together for long and the want though might be initially strong will never be sustainable because you cannot change yourself no matter how hard you pretend. If a guy finds you sharing similar mind sets he will want to spend more time with you. Wanting someone to like you is great but make sure he isn’t someone who ends up giving you a hard time.


Let him know you


This brings me to a very important point. That is, opening up through communication and focusing on little gestures. If you find a constant blockage while speaking with him, you will always find it immensely hard to make him want to share things with you. Work on developing some bond which will generate some sort of dependency that is when he will want you around more often. This can be scary initially for you might be intimidated at the thought of letting him have the upper hand with regard to your secrets but you will have to take that leap of faith when it comes to love or anything close to that.


Spend some time together


Yeah work can cause a rough day and it may be difficult to meet each other whenever you want. But try and spend as much time around him. The more you see him, the more his interest heightens. Let him get used to being with you. It is almost like getting addicted to who you are. Acquire such space in his life that he finds it hard to resist you.


Keep the conversations interesting

7 Ways to Make a guy want you instead of chasing him

Conversations will always generate a constant flow of interest. If you really want someone to like you, you will have to speak to them in their language. Now you don’t have to learn a new language rather speak to them about things that interest both of you. If you try and fake being interested in his conversations, he will understand that you are bored. If he feels that you understand him well, he will be interested in you.


Feed his curiosity slowly

One of the most important ways of keeping a man interested and always on his toes to chase you is to keep things as mysterious as possible. Yes, you will feed his curiosity but don’t let the cat of the bag too soon. Everyone loves a little mystery and that is why we chase the unknown. If everything was too clear in the beginning itself, you would never want to uncover the layers or have the desire to win. That rush of a chase is only possible when you have given out information but still managed to keep things vague for him to experience.