7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!

7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!

It is not a good feeling to disdain yourself and let other people’s judgments define you. The feeling of self-consciousness has to be disarmed from your mind in order to be reverential and constructive in life. Here are few effective ways you need to adopt if you always criticize yourself and get self-conscious.

7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!


Find out the reasons behind you self-consciousness

Try making a list of the reasons why you feel self-conscious. Is it your appearance, your status, your accent, your physical or mental disabilities, your failures? Introspect and analyze the reasons and write it down. This will help you identify and work towards the actions to minimize the self-conscious feeling.



Combat the negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are deadly on your peace and attitude towards you. Therefore, it is very important to challenge these thoughts and work towards a positive state of mind. Your negative thoughts will tell you that your dark complexion is bad and that you aren’t beautiful. It will tell you that being beautiful caters only to fair complexioned people. So, if somebody is to comment that may be you should try another dress as the color doesn’t suit you, you will be depressed as your negative thoughts have already convinced you that being dark skinned is bad and ugly.


Nobody actually cares

7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!

Our mind is mechanized to think that you have shortcomings and they are a big deal to people around you. But in reality, nobody really cares as much as you think and isn’t paying attention to the big birth mark on your face, tilted nose or the size of your lips. So sometimes it is good not to give yourself much importance while you are in the exterior environment.


Confidence Can Be Cultivated

If you are self-conscious that doesn’t mean you will be stuck in your life with this feeling forever. Confidence is a personality trait that can be developed with efforts and time. You will have to begin by fooling your mind that your flaws are actually a blessing and they demand respect and appreciation. Slowly and gradually, your mind will be convinced and will adapt this new pattern of thinking. In short, you have to ‘fake it until you make it!’



Throw Some Humor On Yourself

7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!

Become your own critic and make fun of yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to look down on yourself. This simply means you have to be witty and fancy. All you got to do is acknowledge your imperfections and be okay with it. You will not just be an inspiration to people around you but you will also see that have started to admire your flaws.



Be Yourself

Nothing in the world is as good as being the only version of you. It is easy to copy someone’s actions and way of life but it is admirable to be the creator of you own paths. Being yourself is only possible when you ‘know yourself thoroughly’. You need to some solitude space and some genuine observations to find out who you really are and most importantly, accept yourself.




7 Ways to stop feeling self-conscious!

The best way to do away with such feeling is instantly distracting yourself. You can do this by looking away suddenly and finding a target -it could be a fruit seller around you. Start counting how many bananas he has or how many types of fruits is he selling etc. This is a smart trick to stop yourself from dwelling in the dilemmas and unworthy feelings about you.


With the above mentioned ways you can bring great changes in your life and be have constructive feelings rather than landing up juggling between destructive thoughts. Do not compromise with who you really are based on other people’s judgments that don’t even matter to you in the long run. It is important that you live your life with complete self-belief and fulfillment. So, start living all over again!




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