7 Ways to talk to a guy to make him like you instantly

Some women find it extremely intimidating to speak with men for the first time. For others it is just a child’s play. What is noteworthy here is just talking never does the job of making a man like you back. There are other things involved that draw him closer when he speaks with you. So what is the difference between those who draw men in seconds and those who don’t? Learning these tricks will not just help you get your job done with a single guy but will level up your attraction meter to draw just about any man.


Flash a bright smile

7 Ways to talk to a guy to make him like you instantly

Guys like women who have a great smile. The next time when you look at a man you like, go liberal with your smile. Make him feel like his jokes are really good even if you don’t like them too much. With every speech that you utter, keeping in mind the depth of the conversation, smile at him and he will really love the positive that will be reflected. When he does something nice for you, show him that you appreciate that with a smile and a Thank you at least. You happiness will make him feel great about himself. And who doesn’t want to be around someone who attaches so much importance to them?


Hold on to that grace


There is something really charming about graceful woman. There is no exact reason why, but being graceful is almost the first step to making a man like you. The kind of woman who is every man’s fantasy has a certain degree of grace. Think of any popular woman and you will able to connect to what I am trying to say here. Every movement and speech of yours needs to have some grace, your body language should be more inviting when you speak. If you are closed, you will only repel men. Men desire women with grace. Just like women like men with a certain degree of chivalry.


Touch him often


There is a certain method of touching that draws men. Men tend to like women who touch them when they least expected that in the middle of a conversation. Of course you should be careful about the relationship that you share with him and act accordingly. Touch his shoulders or his back when you talk. Hug him when you meet him hold his hands. You can’t help but realise how his interest in you will reach a new level very soon.


Act like a damsel

7 Ways to talk to a guy to make him like you instantly

Men have a natural tendency to act protective. So, the next time he is around, no matter how independent you are act like you need his help in little but cute things. Seek his help when you cross the road, cling to him suddenly when it thunders, try and seek refuge in his arms when you are watching a scary movie. There are so many things that he will find cute. The more you make him feel like you need him, the more he will get closer to being protective about you.


Mind your language


Make sure you know how to speak. Maintain some class and avoid trash talking. No matter how cool using foul language sounds, it doesn’t work really well when you are trying to attract a man to yourself. In fact men get turned off by that. Also, avoid badmouthing other men and women. men are not great at gossiping and don’t really have time for that. It only makes you appear a very judgemental woman who isn’t one a man would like to have around.


Keep your secrets


Don’t make yourself too vulnerable by spilling all your secrets. Being mysterious makes you like the sweetest thing to pursue. Not everyone can deal with all that you think about and do. Instead when he asks you a few details, choose to reveal them at the right time. This way he will be looking forward to what you have to say.  When you bare it all in front of him, he gets bored with you sooner. So, if you are used to making all your feelings known, then try changing this.


Make it difficult for him


Don’t be too available to him. If you want him to like you, make sure you make him work for it. You might be swayed when you are talking to him but be very careful to just take him to the bliss point and then completely shut off so that he is left yearning for more. When you make yourself too easy to get, he tends to take you for granted and move over to other women who appear the best catch for the time. So, be mysterious and only give a little at a time.

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