7 Ways to tell someone that you want to have casual sex!

Relationships are not for all. Not everyone is ready to deal with the responsibilities that come with a relationship. But that’s okay. If sex without any attachment really matters to you and it makes you happy, you are good to go. Many women like to have casual sex without strings attached. It just makes them feel free without having to settle down with a companion.

7 Ways to tell someone that you want to have casual sex!

They just feel that relationships are over hyped and they need not get into one for the purpose of seeking true satisfaction. True, relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea.  Probably, some just want to tread the easier path. However, it might be difficult for women to convey exactly what they expect from a man. If you are someone who wishes to have casual or sex or loves the idea of it but wondering how to put across your desire, here are a few tips that are just what you need:


Don’t linger after sex


This is the number one rule for casual sex. You shouldn’t spend any kind of quality time with this person or else you are bound to develop feelings for him. If all that you truly want is casual sex, then you need to be out of his place as soon as you have had sex. Once you are done, all that should matter to you is the other activities of your life rather than that person. Even if he asks you to stay back, you should refrain from it.


Don’t go on dates


There is no romance involved when all you want is casual sex. You have to stick to what casual truly means. You are not supposed to go out on dates with this person you have just had casual sex with. If you do, you will only make him feel like he owes that to you. Nobody owes anything to you when you have agreed as two consenting individuals to engage in only physical pleasure. Casual sex has nothing to do with serious engagement with each other.


Don’t stay in touch


You might be tempted to stay in touch and text him often or stay friends. However, you cannot follow through after casual sex. Don’t mislead him into something more than what you initially agreed to. You may not be truly ready for anything serious with this man. If you send him any sort if text, you convey to him that you expect him to do something more for you which is not probably what he signed up for. Also, if you haven’t any intention of calling him back or accepting his calls, don’t get away with giving wrong numbers.


Be honest with him

7 Ways to tell someone that you want to have casual sex!

There is no point leading him on when you are already prepared to have nothing beyond sex with him. Being honest is the best way to go about with casual sex. When you are clear, you understand that you cannot expect nor do you wish to be expected to turn this into an exclusive relationship. The fact that you don’t feel guilty enough, that shouldn’t lead you to believe that you can do away with honesty in the bed (no matter who the person is!) as well.


Ask questions


The fact that you are going to indulge in an intimate act with someone, you should be ready. Ensure your safety. Ask him questions that matter to you even if they sound intimidating in your head. Questions like: How often do you use protection, When did you get yourself tested for STDs, What do you like or dislike, etc.) If he is into BDSM, make sure you have that answered as well because you don’t want to end up with something scary or that which doesn’t suit your interests.


Act mature


You cannot complain if your needs aren’t met during casual sex. In case you were in a committed relationship with this man, you could still stand the chance of doing so. Casual sex is meant to be all fun and exciting but that doesn’t mean your partner for the time becomes your pleasure machines. It has its own consequences and if you are mature enough you can well handle it or may be not since matters of the heart can quite possibly come up.

Don’t get personal


You have to maintain a thin line here. Don’t let out details about yourself because, to be honest, he is not interested. In case he still is, you don’t owe that to him. Don’t rant about your life’s struggle either. It will only kill the mood and he will feel indebted to  make things better for you.  You have to learn to keep things as light as possible. I am sure you don’t have to deal with heartaches, ghosting, jealousy, unreciprocated feelings and the likes.