7 Ways to boost your brain power


A Fact: We only use 10% of our brain! It is quite common for you to find people who can effortlessly seem to remember things. On the other hand, you might be struggling to remember the simplest of things. Although severities might call for medical attention, you can make certain adjustments in your lifestyle in order to make your brain function better. Stop investing your time with the idiot box. Follow these to make the most of your brain:

Get Active: Not just for the waist line and a toned body, exercise for your brain too. Getting overweight and being obese not just harms your heart and liver but also puts pressure on your brain. Clogging of your arteries can not just put pressure on the walls of your heart and veins but also cut off the oxygen supply to your brain. Any form of activity like swimming, dancing, playing your favourite outdoor sport or even a brisk walk for around 30 minutes a day can tremendously help your brain to function effectively.

Stay stress free and seek medical help in case you need it: Stress and anxiety are major reasons why you suffer from loss of memory over time. If you suffer from depression, you are most likely to lose the ability to concentrate. It also leads to an increase in hormones that reduces the area of your brain that is associated with your memory. Instead of ignoring it, seek a doctor’s help.

Ensure sufficient sleep: An 8 hours of sleep will boost the functioning of your brain. All the information you gather throughout the day are processed during your sleep. In order to retain everything that you have learnt and to sharpen your memory, sleep! Like your gadgets, your brain needs recharge too.

Start writing: Write down everything that you want to remember. Doing that helps in the flow of oxygen to that part of your brain responsible for memory which will boost your ability to memorise things. That can be a journal, a blog or just sticky notes on your refrigerator.

Listen to good music: A lot of my friends believe they cannot memorise things without a music being played at the background. It is therapy for people. The power of music is undeniable. Not only does it heal, it boosts the processing capacity of your brain.

Eat good fat: When I speak of good fat, I speak of nuts, eggs, dairy, healthy oil that is least processed, omega fatty acid derived from fish. Fat provides insulation to your brain. The better the insulation the more wakeful and alert your brain is. Stop diet crashing, you are only harming yourself in the long run.

Share your knowledge: A lot of us refuse to share what we know. Instead, the more you share the more your knowledge grows. Teaching others helps you remember, understand a piece of information better and enriches your brain.

Anushree Ghosh


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