7 ways to look amazing on this valentine’s day !


Valentine 2016 is here ! And you might have already fixed up your plan for the day. Candle light dinner, roses, gifts, champagne and obviously chocolates. Girls surely would have taken out the best out of their closets to adorn on this V day! But wait! Don’t you just want to surprise him! Sure, you always look pretty to him! But why not add a dash of freshness and quirk to your look this time! Here are 7 ways you can flaunt a new look and put him in awe!


We believe there are girls, who are always decked up when they meet their love! But then most of them meet their partners, really simple. You might have planned a special dress for this valentine’s day with matching shoes, accessories and make-up! Try adding that delicate pretty look to your eyes this time. The beauty of dark and long eyelashes will surely make him gush over you, once again!


Try using matte make up for your evening date this time! Try matte red for lipcolor anda matte foundation as a base to your face. Matte will be just the right kind of choice for the light of candles and the romantic atmosphere. Plus, you do not look over done at all!


Do you always meet him in dresses? Or in jean, pants and sweatshirts? Try just the opposite of your style statement, this valentine! Rock a high waist printed skirt with a plain crop top! Try dark colors in flower prints. Keep it simple but classy!


Though there is no accessory that doesn’t make to a girl’s closet, irrespective of her love for one specific accessory! Try those accessories! The ones that you always had but did not get an occasion to wear! Flaunt studded barbie pins or a jeweled watch! A sleek silver chain with a beautiful dress will definitely make him drop his jaw!


Always confused between a hair do or not? Hair-do is more apt for occasional events like weddings or grand parties! But always letting your hair down is way too boring and casual.

Try a hair spray. Build a poof and settle it with hairspray. Or you can simply give beach curls to your hair by tying them in plaits and then applying hair spray. Then, open them to discover those beautiful wavy curls!


Never forget your body! Apply body butter all over your arms, legs and neck, once you are totally dressed! Gently massage a little amount of butter and do not smother all of it at once! You might end up feeling oily and sweaty!


Do not use your signature fragrance on this special day! Try using new fragrance that you know might interest him! Fragrance, a new one, will surely catch his attention and he will linger around you all this eve!