7 Ways to make him commit to you!

Is your man giving you mixed feelings? Do you feel like he holds himself back when all you want him to do is commit to you? Men can be very difficult to deal with especially when they act stubborn. This may not be a great news for you, but accept it because it’s a bare truth: Men have commitment issues. This is not to say that women don’t have this problem, but men tend to have this issue majorly. Here are a few ways to make this man yours:

7 Ways to make him commit to you!

Just relax sometimes:


Freaking out makes things complex. You will irritate him by doing that and it will make him question himself more if you are actually the one he wants to commit to for the rest of his life. No one wants to be with a person who adds to his troubles. Don’t you want peace of mind? He wants that too!  Guys love easy- going women. So just let things take their own course instead of trying to bend everything to your advantage all the time.


Be patient with becoming official:


Don’t rush to make him yours. Love doesn’t happen that way. And you definitely don’t fall in love in a few days. Now I don’t question those who did in the first sight or in a few days. That maybe how things are meant to be for a few people. But practically, love takes time. There are a lot of ingredients that go into making it foolproof. Wait for your time. Give him time.


Learn things about him


Now this is the greatest lesson in my dating history. Haste makes waste. Initially everything is great. Wait till a few months pass and he shows the real side. If you still find him the same after the initial lovey- dovey months have passed, then you can take the leap forward. Dig deeper into his life to understand why he is, the way he is. You will also get the clue to why he is acting reluctant to commit to you.


Talk about the past

7 Ways to make him commit to you!

No matter how much you would like to keep all past talks aside, trust me, the way he talks about his ex is the best way to understand his deep feelings about you. Question him if you have to without undermining his ex in question. Be respectful of anyone he has been with even if you care the least. At least try. Talking about his ex is a sensitive issue and you need to be careful about the time when you decide to speak about it. Do it only when you share that comfortable spot to discuss anything under the sun.


See that his friends like you


It is important to know how a person is through his close ones. They see him in a entirely different light than you do and in fact, much better than you can. Be nice to them. Be kind to them irrespective of who they are and what they do. That is the least people deserve from you. The more they like you, the more they want you to be around, the better are your chances to get him to be committed to you.


Acknowledge when he does something nice


Yes, everyone likes it when people express their gratitude for what they do. When he calls you out to celebrate events, plans surprise dates, or long drives or maybe just drops by to see you once; you should tell him how much you liked it. That will make him feel special. He will definitely want to do it even more. And what’s best, you never know when he automatically commits to you without you having to do something sneaky.


Give him space and have yours

7 Ways to make him commit to you!

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own space. No one like intruders no matter who the other person is. If you want to make him yours, you have to prove it to him that you are more than willing to let him have his freedom and let it stay that way forever. You have to let him do what he has been doing even before you came into the picture and also do things his way, in his own time. Guys don’t like being caged, No one does actually! Be independent. Have your own things to do. Stop being overly dependent on anyone. That’s not love, but obsession which is not at all healthy. When you have your own life, he won’t find it a trap. That relationship won’t feel like a burden. This is when he will be willing to commit to you.


People are sensitive about who they want to share a huge part of their lives with. Once you know what’s scaring him, you are in a better position to work out on it and show him that he can trust you without worrying.



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