7 ways to make you great in bed

woman. Look, no one is expecting a porn star out of you. If one is, he is a fool! Nonetheless, what matters most is how you feel and whether you are satisfied with making others feel the way you want them to. Be generous in what you can give. Treat, the way you want to be treated. You can devise your own ways to entice him or just follow these simple steps:


You are all ears to his needs

Be open to listening to his fantasies. Everyone has his/her own desires. Listening to them will only make your work easier. For instance, he might want you to give him a deep throated blow. Look, if you are really into him, you won’t find anything gross. You can either try and imitate or find a middle way out to get closer to it. Stop being judgemental.


You are creative during bedroom hours

If your panties can become his oxygen mask when you are role – playing an airhostess, Girl, there’s no stopping to your man’s desire to hold on to you. You need not try all the sex positions in the world or prove how flexible you are to get him burning, all you need is a little creativity.

You pay attention to your wants

This is important to bring in flavours into your act. Try not subsiding your desires and thoughts whenever you have them. Give in to your senses. Masturbate. The sexier you feel, the sexier your perform. It’s that simple.


Sex can happen outside the bedroom too!

Nothing can be worse than only remaining in your comfort zone. Ok, no one is asking you to have sex at the roof top or having threesome. There’s absolutely no need to give in if you don’t like the idea. But you can definitely think of having sex in the bathroom, kitchen and even your balcony if no one’s watching! Try and see the change! He will worship you.


Be loud

It might be confusing for guys to understand which move of his gives you the greatest pleasure. Your moans and screams can actually communicate the feelings that words would not. Not only will that visually arouse your man, he will perform better.


You can have fun

We are no experts, but being able to laugh at ourselves and enjoying everything that happens is great! You may not be able to execute every move that you had thought of, or may be that blow job turned out to be pretty disastrous, or say you fell off the bed or even worst, the bed cracked (Something that happened when Edward was making love to Bella! I guess the wall crumbled. LOL!). See how amazing that sounds when you try and find it fun? Whatever happens, laugh it out. It’s not porn happening where everything is backed up.

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