7 Ways Yoga can improve your sex life tremendously!

It is not uncommon to get swayed away by either the superbly shaped bodies or extremely glowing skin of yoga practitioners. We all have been dropping jaws over them since ages now. Their precision and logged in dedication on their mats surely pays off as that we can make out just by looking at them. Apart from countless health benefits that yoga offers, there is one in specific that I would point out through this article today. We are aware of the glowing skin, better posture, lower blood pressure, improved lung capacity, better balance, flexibility, weight loss, improved brain function, and dozens of other stellar benefits but did you know that yoga can actually help improve your game on bed?  It is a proven fact that people who practice regular yoga are bound to enjoy sex lives better. Didn’t yoga get all the more impressive now? (wink)

7 Ways Yoga can improve your sex life tremendously!

So let’s get started and see how yoga can help improve our sex lives tremendously.



Since yoga is not furiously done like the exercises we do at the gym, it appears to us that it isn’t as effective. But it is scientifically proven that yoga is the best form of exercise. Even though visually we might not be convinced that yoga puts all our muscles to action but in reality it does. All those standing and balancing positions utilizes all the body muscles by forcing us to prop up our body weight.  The sphincter muscle also known as pyloric sphincter and the muscles that helps a person control his urination is simultaneously strengthened with the balancing yoga acts.  Sphincter is a band of smooth muscle at the junction between the pylorus of the stomach and the duodenum of the small intestine. It plays an important role in digestion, where it acts as a valve to controls the flow of partially digested food from the stomach to the small intestine. The famous Kegel exercises, if performed 15-30 minutes a day is said to give much stronger orgasms and isn’t that enough motivation to sign up for yoga classes?



We all can relate to the situation where we are involved with the man we are in love on bed and the love making session is fully hot and steamy yet our mind chooses to ditch us and wander somewhere. No matter how awesome things are in the moment, sometimes our mind looses track and begins exploring and we simply miss out on the luxury of enjoying the romantic moments with our partner. This is where yoga comes to the rescue. Yoga is said to increase a person’s concentration powers to limits unimaginable. Well! You do not have to go all the way to transform into a min reader but simple 40 minutes of yoga a day can help you be more focused and organized in life. This is eventually going to reflect on your sex life and your mind will stop wandering here and there and you will be able to pay attention to the sex you are having and hence, you won’t miss out on living those priceless moments. This is indeed going to take your sex life to new heights.



7 Ways Yoga can improve your sex life tremendously!

Ever wondered how beneficial are those stretches and power positions in yoga? They just make your body flawlessly flexibly. We all have seen yoga practitioners to twirl and twist their bodies in various ways we simply cannot. They constantly succeed in mesmerizing us with their unique bodies that have immense core strength and are able to maintain their weight for years and years. When you have a slim and fit body, you are bound to be happier and content and the self-confidence spikes in. Needn’t say, is there anything sexier than self-confidence in a woman? Nah! I don’t think so. Practicing yoga is going to reward you with good energies, positive mindset, boosted self-esteem which in turn is going to better your sex life. You will feel super sexy and that is evidently going to turn on your man ever more than before. Need any more excuses to not take up Yoga?



As said before, yoga improves your flexibility. You are now able to touch your toes, wrap your legs behind your head and stretch your legs like never before. What does this indicate? This simply means now you are all set to try those difficult positions you once saw on Kama Sutra and always dreamt of performing. Heard that right! So be it the catapult sex position or propeller or be it the acrobats, you can now don any sex position of your choice. Try out all different poses with your partner and enjoy sex to its fullest. This will help you in exploring new pleasures and will also help increase your blow flow through your body. I can assure you that you will be happier than before as now you have endless possibilities in front of you.



7 Ways Yoga can improve your sex life tremendously!

Not having enough energy is always a setback when it comes to sex. And with today’s hectic lives, people tend to prefer sleep more than sex as the work load is exhausting and extremely demanding.  The stress and tensions that accumulates inside us by non-stop working and thinking hampers our sex lives and the one word solution to this is ‘Yoga’. Yoga truly has the power to curb sleep deprivation and relax your body by working wonders to your energy levels in leaps and bounds. By practicing yoga, your energies are restored, both mental and physical and you are able to sleep better at night and when you don’t have problem with your sleep, I’m sure your wouldn’t bother a couple of rounds of intimacy.



Those days when you are weighed down by cramps, headaches and backaches that tags along with your menstruation are hard and cranky as hell. Isn’t it? Orgasms are said to relieve the period pain but with all those darned symptoms it is simply very hard to reach one. Getting 30-40 minutes of Yoga during that time can help you get rid of those spotting cramps and period problems. Yoga is said to lower levels of follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and prolactin, which lead to less harsh menstrual symptoms.



7 Ways Yoga can improve your sex life tremendously!

Since years, peace and tranquility has been associated with the practice of yoga and clear reason for which is its stellar benefits to a man’s mind and body. Yoga helps attain a level both psychologically and physically where one feels rejuvenated with positive energies and exempted from sore and tired muscles. Having sex with a relaxed mind and body is a way better experience than having sex with a frustrated mind and pressurized body.

I don’t think you have any reason now to avoid yoga and its immediate benefits on your sex life. To have a whole new and blissful experience with your sex sessions and at the same time revive your self -esteem is a fairly profitable deal. Isn’t it?

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