7 Wondrous tips to hint your crush to kiss you!

Talking, chatting and smiling away, you are, staring at his face, craving a kiss. Obviously, you just can’t get enough of him. But how can you, out of the blues propose a kiss or even ask for one?

The good news is you don’t need to ask. You just let him hear your mind.

7 Wondrous tips to hint your crush to kiss you!

Here are ways to voice your desire being the least vocal about it. Some very subtle ways, those that, talk for themselves. So you don’t need to worry. Let them do the asking for you.



Hold your gaze. Let your eyes do the talking. By staring straight into his eyes without saying a word, you actually end up saying so much. Unspoken words are sometimes so much sweeter than those that are uttered. The less you speak the more curious you make him about you. The more mysterious you become to him, the more attractive he finds you, so that the desire to come closer to you amplifies.

Holding your gaze is a sure shot sign of your attraction towards him. It also demonstrates confidence, which again is so very attractive!



It shows that you enjoy his company. Smile when he is teasing you, smile when he’s staring. Smile to let him know that you’re enjoying every bit of him. Try and play coy sometimes and then smile. Smile because you’re shy to just speak out all of that which is going on in your head. Your smiles assure of him of your fondness and men need to be sure before they make a move.



You know, you will automatically be doing all of this when you want to kiss somebody? It is reflex. So if you really, truly, badly want to kiss this hottie sitting right there in front of you, you will find yourself licking your lips frequently and this will signal him for a kiss.



7 Wondrous tips to hint your crush to kiss you!

Shift your glance from his eyes to his lips and imagine them in your mouth. Turn your gaze back to his eyes. Your want will simply show on your face. Nothing can be more obvious than this. It’s like telling him that “dude I want your lips in my mouth already”, without having to say a word!



Keep minimal distance between the both of you. Get as close to him as you can. Use alcohol to do away with shyness, maybe? Well, it usually always has come to my rescue. Getting closer will show him that you’ve let down your guard and wouldn’t mind allowing him in getting to know you a bit more ‘closely’.



When you see the moment is right and you’re already close enough to be able to lean on and just do it, go ahead and tip your head and get done with it. This actually comes very naturally, when the both of you are ready and have taken all the previous signals in account. So that when the both of you are close enough and staring into each other, you just tilt your head and kiss.



7 Wondrous tips to hint your crush to kiss you!

Trust me this helps! The sense of touch in humans is very sensitive. Often we’ve had our hands brush against somebody else’s, and no matter how they may have pretended to not have realised or noticed it, they have. The human brain receives a signal immediately on bodily contact and this is not my belief but is scientific.

So when parts of your bodies are in contact and the sensation of touch is enjoyable to the brain then your body will crave for more of this sensation, leading you on to get more intimate.

Have you any other tips on hinting for a kiss?