8 Beauty tips for the perfect face!

Is there a single girl who doesn’t dream of a flawlessly shining radiant face? I don’t think so? A glowing face is every girl’s desire and needn’t mention but we all need to take extra care to have that. There are some ground rules to having a perfectly beaming face but we tend to forget to follow them. The internet is flooded with beauty tips and it has become almost impossible to identify what works the best for you as there are so many conflicting opinions. Well! Your worries can rest now as here is a piece of information that is a comprehensive list of all the things you need to do to get that perfect face.


  1. Beauty Sleep

8 Beauty tips for the perfect face!

So much emphasis has been given to proper sleep yet we underplay its importance in our lives. Time and again we have been reminded that it is really important to have at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep but as said we always understate its prominence. The whole day you are busy with commitments at work, you are travelling and by the end of the day your body is exhausted. Your body needs rest to recover all the cells that have been damaged through the day. Dark circles are a result of lack of proper sleep and we all know how gruesome dark circles look on our face. If this doesn’t motivate you from acquiring the rewarding habit of sleeping on time, I have some news for you. Keeping a check on sleeping hours helps avoid premature aging too. Now, I hope that works!


  1. Balanced Diet

We have spent our entire childhood learning about the importance of intake of fruits and vegetables in our diet. If the intake is not sufficient, it not only affects our nutrition and health, it equally impacts the quality of our skin. The fast paced life and growing junk food culture has got our taste bud trapped and we keep craving for those burgers, chips and pastries. But in order to have a bright and clear skin, you need to make sure that you stay far away from oily and fermented food. Sugar intake should be minimalized and so should the salt. It is hard to stop this intake just at once. So, what you can do is that start step by step. Replace your coffee with green tea, your sugar with jiggery and you will see than in a time span of just 10 days you are getting results.


  1. Exercise

It is like living in a fool’s paradise to dream of a perfect face and not include exercise as a part of your daily routine. Exercise is of paramount importance and its health benefits are non-negotiable to ignore. Taking up a sport or an activity that interests you can do wonders to your health. So take up Zumba, running, aerobics or swimming, pick any activity as you like and make sure that you invest at least one hour of your day in it. It will help your blood circulation which is responsible for detoxification of your body. When your body gets detoxified from harmful substance, it will automatically reflect on your face. Your face will be free from pimples and rashes and there will be a natural glow.


  1. Understand your skin

8 Beauty tips for the perfect face!

There are countless products that cosmetic and personal care industry keeps bringing into the market. But are all products meant for you? We all know that we possess different skin types. There are four main skin types- oily, normal, dry and combination skin. Before you apply any product, you should do a little bit of research about what your skin type is. Applying products merely based on your attraction towards a brand is simply going to ruin the texture of your skin. You have to be aware and act smart while making your purchases. Get a skin test done and verify how your skin reacts. If your skin is allergic, then the harsh chemicals in some products can damage your skin beyond repair. So be careful!


  1. 8 Glasses of water everyday

Time and again, this mantra has been recited to you. But somehow you tend to ignore it and do not keep yourself hydrated. Let me tell you my friend that if there is one short cut to a healthy and perfect face, it is this. It is the easiest and the most effective thing. You simply have to gulp 8 glasses of water in a day and just witness your skin radiate. Water is the best detoxification technique. Drink two glasses of water before you sleep, make it a rule. This will help your body cleanse those harmful toxins while you are asleep and the next morning, you can go to work with a glowing face.

  1. Sunscreen protection

8 Beauty tips for the perfect face!

The scorching sun and the tiring schedule can make your skin weary and pigmented. To protect your skin from those harmful UV rays, a sunscreen is a must. Make it your best friend and pledge not to leave the house without applying it. Some researchers have indicated that you not only need to apply a sunscreen when the sun is up and it’s too bright, you should also be applying it when the weather outside is cloudy or while you are indoors.

  1. Do not keep your make-up on

8 Beauty tips for the perfect face!

Once the day has come to an end, remove every bit of makeup that is on your skin. Your skin needs to breathe too and with all those foundation and blush it cannot rejuvenate. If you have a habit of crashing onto your bed with makeup ( either you are too lazy or too tired ) your skin will suffer from breakouts and zits next day. There are so many natural solutions that you should clip on, for example, olive oil are a great makeup remover. If that doesn’t work for you, buy a makeup remover and use it before you sleep.


  1. Cleansing-Toning –Moisturizing

CTM routine is what should follow up after you take your makeup off. It takes just a few minutes. Start by cleansing. Cleansing process will help your skin get rid of the dirt and germs that must have accumulated throughout the day. Jump onto toning and use a good toner, it will clear out the debris that maybe left from the former cleansing process. End by applying a soothing moisturizer. It will readjust your pH balance and will shut the open pores. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.


These are the eight methods that will pave way for a perfectly lit radiant and healthy skin. The quality of skin is a reflection of the lifestyle you lead and hence, these small adjustments can revive your dull skin and give you a transformation that you have always wanted. So, for the perfect face, take these inputs and apply it in your daily life.



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