8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

Sex is a very interesting topic, full of discoveries and fun. The experience of sex is so incredible, that we all keep wanting for some more. It is common that we keep trying to make our sexual experiences better. Sex demands physical energy and we need to be in a healthy state of being to fully enjoy sex. If the energy is low and we get tired really soon, the whole experience becomes a less sport. You are accountable for your partner’s pleasure while having sex. So being less on energy implies that you are directly hampering your partner’s gratification.

8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

To make your sexual experience better and for you to bend a little towards considering food that energize you, here is a list of food you should have before sex. Researches say that sex helps burn nearly 70 calories for women, isn’t that great? To enhance the calorie burn and to upgrade your performance on bed, you must consider the intake of the foods listed below. They have multi-health benefits as well.


8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

A lot of people like to chew ginger before sex. This is because of the zingy flavor it is consisted of. People have agreed that chewing ginger often reminds them of the fun and tingle that one experiences during sex. Ginger is used for proper digestion also. It also helps relieve stress if you are nervous before sex.


Watermelons are my personal favorite. They help make sex feel like a rejuvenating endure. Its benefits during sexual activity is well known because of the amino acids present in it. It improves the flow of blood in the body and we know how much that can aid to a much pleasurable feeling. You will be able to have better clitoral sensitivity and the lubrication in your vagina will also undergo a boost.


Not only will the shape of cucumber revise your mind with all the fun you are going to have on bed but will also help you stay hydrated. The water content in cucumbers is fairly high and many athletes consider eating cucumbers before a marathon. Staying well hydrated is very important before sex so that you do not feel lethargic when things are steaming up.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa’s polyphenols are the reason why dark chocolates are believed to be the best before sex. There are several studies that point out that chocolate eating helps improve abilities of visualization and aids in a much pleasurable experience. Popping some dark chocolate before sex, could be a treat for you. Also, if you do not want to have it before, you can consider dipping in some dark chocolate during sex. You know what I mean?


8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

Bananas are not just super tasty, they are filled with potassium. The fruit is not too sweet and contains essential minerals which maintains proper heart function. It does not lead to any gas problem, in fact helps eradicate any. It is also very good to regulate blood pressure and increases energy. So, stock up some bananas in your bag if you are up to trying some new sex positions!

Coconut oil

8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

Coconut oil is a savior.  The high natural saturated fats and cholesterol controlling capacity of coconut oil is known to most of us, but did you know that it also serves as a great lubricant option? Oh, yes! Imagine coconut oil dripping from your vagina, what else could he possibly ask for? Eating foods made with coconut oil will boost your energy levels and also help in balancing hormones. Overall, it is ought to make your sexual experience better. And, if not anything, you can apply it on your skin and make it look flawless.



8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

The presence of butyric acid makes butter anti-inflammatory. Not many of us know that butter is an excellent source of Vitamin-A and it is rich in vital cholesterol. Having butter in the right proportion can actually help you foster a much efficient immune system. It is a good energy booster and helps boost metabolism. This will help you combat tiredness on bed and you will surely sign up for a few more rounds of actions.


Finger foods

8 Best foods to indulge in before sex!

These foods require getting your hands dirty, so that is surely going to give your guys some fun. Pull in some sausage rolls, cheese, drumsticks and chicken wings on the go and have it in the middle of the action. Let him lick your fingers and make things a lot more cheesy?



The next time you guys are planning to have sex, do have the above listed items. After all, these foods are not just going to make your sexual intimacy top-notch but will also cater to many health benefits that you otherwise would miss out on.

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