8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

Did you know that our skin takes 30 days to recover from the damage caused by drinking alcohol for a day? It is not only the cleansing, moisturizing or the skin care routine that helps your skin glow, it is what goes inside your belly that decided whether you are really taking care of your skin or sabotaging the glow. Here is a list of 8 foods that you simply love ranked from bad to worse for your skin based on how high or low on the glycemic index they fall.

The glycemic index or glycemic index (GI) is a number connected with a particular type of food that indicates the food’s effect on a person’s blood glucose (also called blood sugar) level.


This particular one doesn’t involve any dairy or chocolates, thus is bad for your skin but not awful as the foods coming up in the list. Spaghetti and meatballs are high on sodium which also saves it from making it ahead in the list.



8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

Irresistible and yummy, these have become a weekly munched food. Agree? (I am sure you do). Especially for KFC lovers like me, fried chicken is a must have once, every third day. The only thing bad about the delicious chicken is that it is fried. Like above, it also doesn’t contain any dairy and chocolate and therefore, doesn’t top the index.



8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

The second best thing happened to me after Coke is surely French fries. But the yellow potato bliss isn’t really good news for our skin. The salt content dehydrates and causes temporary dullness of skin, while the high carbohydrate content affects the wrinkles badly. So, what now? Ditch McDonalds?



This sugar loaded shake is heavenly but as they say that there are two sides to a coin, blizzard shake is high on glycemic index which makes it unhealthy for your skin. Adding to the bad news, if you are a lover of this shake and prefer having it chocolate flavored, then mind you, it is worse as it will shoot quick acnes (and I am sure you wouldn’t want that).



8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

Cheeseburgers are unfortunately higher on the glycemic index.  It is much less than the top three yet to come as it contains relatively less dairy than them. I know it is hard to resist the scrumptious cheeseburgers as they rejoice each taste bud in you but since taking care of the skin is also a very important thing, make a wise choice!



Excessively harmful for your skin as it triggers acne and wrinkles, Mac and cheese is high on the index. It contains chunks of dairy and therefore, makes way for breakouts in your skin.



8 Foods ranked from bad to worst for your skin!

No! No! No! No!

This is harder than a breakup. Isn’t it? I know it is being merciless to put pizza on this chart as it is a friend in need and deed. But on a serious note, pizza is very high on the glycemic index and raises your blood sugar level immensely. The load of dairy in pizzas is capacitor of triggering growth hormones which eventually lead to the problem of acne.



If you want a healthy-glowing skin, burritos must be a complete No. The blend of high glycemic food in burritos will make your skin tour a nightmare. It causes the hormone levels to elevate and potentially grounds acne breakouts very quickly. The high sodium content in burritos adds to the misery by causing the skin to suffer from dehydration and dullness.



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