8 Funniest sex questions asked on the internet!

Recently, I was blizzard when my friend asked me ‘How do men fix their dick back?’ A face palm, I did not understand her and gave her a strange look. It is after a while that I came to know that she thought dicks are detachable. That was the moment when I realized that how badly poor sex education in schools can hamper people. We all must have heard people ask strange sex questions and perhaps would have asked ourselves too. Here is a collection of some funny sex questions and answers:


8 Funniest sex questions asked on the internet!

Can sneezing prevent pregnancy?


If birth control was that easy, condom companies would never have existed. The only ways to not get pregnant is either not to have sex or use protection while having sex. Sneezing, coughing or headaches will never stop a pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to come out of the fool’s paradise.


Do smelling obnoxious socks while having sex help reach multiple orgasms?

Can’t agree to that but doing so will definitely burn the nose hair! This could be someone’s personal choice to smell socks but evidently doesn’t involve any science behind it.


Does eating semen will make me fitter?

Just because the semen is rich in protein doesn’t necessarily mean you make it a meal and include it in your diet. This is absolute illogical to eat semen because you think it will make you a fitter and healthier person.


Can kissing lead to Pregnancy?

8 Funniest sex questions asked on the internet!

This is a common question among growing teenagers. The answer is that just kissing will never get you pregnant. Kissing might initiate your league into other sexual activities which may make you pregnant buy but alone kissing will never cause pregnancy.


Does applying semen on the body make the skin glow?

A cum facial can be exciting when you reach an orgasm but that doesn’t mean it has such explicit benefits. There is no such thing like semen face pack that you think applying the semen on your face will make it glow or  will help you get rid of pimples.


Does Masturbation cause Blindness?

If it was so, the porn industry would be doomed. Such thoughts are injected into the minds just to sound convincing that sex is almost equivalent to sinning. Societies come up with such illogical mantras to keep people away from indulging in pleasure. Masturbation does not cause blindness.


Do condoms get stuck in Vagina and cause Cancer?

8 Funniest sex questions asked on the internet!

Many women have this fear that condoms will eventually get stuck in their vaginas and that condoms shell out cancerous cells. The chances of the former are very minimal whereas the latter is untrue.


Do men feel hornier wearing a panty?

It might be a man’s individual method of arousal but excitement for all men by wearing a panty is not a guaranteed thing. It will be incorrect to assume that all men in general feel hornier after putting on a panty.


These were a compilation of some hilarious sex questions that people ask very sincerely. The reason could be lapse in getting proper sex education and not being informed.