8 Hair Colours That Will Change You For Good!

8 hair colours that will change you for good

Women are creative beings who try to fish out ideas to reinvent themselves. It helps them regain their confidence, make them feel fresh and young and positive. They experiment with their clothes, make-up, shoes, hair, nails etc. to get the best of what they are entitled to. Having said this, changing hair color can give you a look you’ve never thought of. It will change you for good. Some women go for bolder looks while others opt for something cute. Combined with a sharp haircut, your haircolor can transform your life. Here are 8 hair colors that will change you for good.

  • Hazelnut

This hair color suits best for all face types. Be it oval, diamond, heart-shaped, round or triangle, everyone can flaunt this look with monstrous confidence. It is recommended for long hair as it is easily maintained and looks good on both long and short strands. This shade of brown will look amazing on you irrespective of your skin tone. It makes your hair look lustrous and thick and perfect!

  • Ash blonde

8 Hair colours that will change you for good

Blonde highlights are commonly seen in India but without a flicker of doubt, they look good. People with light skin type can carry this look well. It will also suit people with a medium skin tone. This hair color is easy to maintain and gives you both bold and a toned down look.

  • Copper red

8 hair colours that will change you for good

People having medium to dark skin tone are welcome to try out copper red. If you find the right shade, it can do wonders for your hair. It suits long hair as the shade comes out naturally on long hair. It is not only apt for dark skin tone but for fair ones as well.

  • Chestnut

This hair color looks natural. Many people are born with this hair color and it suits all skin types. This shade resembles closely to wooden brown. People with medium to Olive skin complexion can go for this shade. It will enhance their facial features and make them look wonderful.

  • Burgundy

8 Hair colours that will change you for good

This color works well for both short and long hair but it favors straight hair more than curly or wavy ones. It suits fair complexioned people and if darker skinned people apply this hair color, they will look older than they really are. This shade of red can give you a powerful look if you choose wisely.

  • Auburn

This color flashes very well on fair, olive and medium skin colored people. If you want to dye your hair, you have to be very careful with the quality of color you use. Red shades are difficult to maintain but you can carry this shade smoothly. It looks great in long and wavy hair.

  • Red

8 Hair colours that will change you for good

If you want to color all your hair with red, you have to be very careful because it is very difficult to maintain. The pigmentation wears off quickly and every month you will have to dye your hair. Fair skinned people can adopt this hair color. It will look magical if you opt to highlight your hair with red rather than dyeing it completely. If you want heads to turn, go for It! It will make you stand out in a crowd.

  • Caramel

8 hair colours that will change you for good

Caramel hair color suits most skin types. Straight or wavy, short or long, each of you can carry the look caramel hair color provides. You can pull off this look as it is very pleasing to the eye.

If you are nervous before choosing a color, consult your stylist. Change is good!

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