8 Intimate Things To Do With Your Better Half

When you are in a relationship you know each other at a level that no one else does. You both share a special bond and there are a few moments which are precious and let me tell you these moments might happen with your clothes on too. Intimacy is not all about sex. Sex is an important part of a relationship and it connects you with your partner at a different level of course, but there are a few little things that are as intimate as sex between couples.

When you are in a long-term relationship with someone you come to realize that sex is not everything. You will come to realize that you want to share more of yourself with them. You’ll want to spend just a few special moments with him/her which definitely doesn’t involve a bed. You’ll enjoy even few moments of silence with them too because you have built such a strong connection with them. This strong connection is built when you feel that intimacy with someone where you don’t have to be shy or pretend to be someone else. Check out these few intimate things that happy couples share

Holding Each Other’s Hand Absentmindedly

8 Intimate Things To Do With Your Better Half Other Than Sex!

Holding hands is not that of a big deal for a couple I know, but it is something that creates tingles in your body. Having a level of intimacy with someone where their hands constantly search for yours, even when you are in public is special. You don’t notice it but your hand is already in his. You are just so comfortable with touching each other that it feels like a natural thing to you and it just never gets old. You don’t need special occasions to hold hands and this is something which you have to cultivate in a relationship.

Cuddling Each Other And Enjoying The Silence


Some couples just don’t give importance to cuddling. Agreed, that you might not be someone who likes touching constantly but every couple has a few intimate moments with each other where they just spend their time without needing any words to fill in the silence. Just skip the sex sometimes and lay down near each other listening to the heartbeats and breathing. You can even put some music in the background too. It is beautiful when you don’t have any obligation to make a conversation. You just can sit or sleep beside each other without feeling the awkwardness or being uncomfortable. You just don’t feel the need to fill the space with talks and words that mean literally nothing to you two.

Talking What’s In Your Mind Without Needing A Filter

Opening up yourself to someone is scary. You just can’t put that much amount of trust in anyone easily. It happens only when you have a strong connection. Build your relationship in such a way where you don’t have to worry before speaking out your mind, where you don’t feel like you need to filter your thoughts before speaking. You don’t have to worry about them judging you or laughing at you. It is intimate when you know each other in such a way. You know even the smallest things about each other. You have seen each other at your worst and your best and you don’t feel ashamed of it when you are with him/ her. This feels more intimate than sex.

Doing Little Things That Makes Them Happy And Feeling Like Their Happiness Is Yours

It is a deeply intimate thing that happy couple shares, where they are truly happy in each other’s happiness. It is an intense feeling where you feel happiness surge through you when you see them smile. You don’t feel jealous or envy or anything like that. It makes you happy to put their needs and happiness before yours. You love doing small little things for them just to remind them you care. You don’t do it because you have to do it but you do it because you want to do. You are genuinely happy with them and you want to be there for them and with them in every walk of your life.

Just Making Out

Once a couple starts having sex they just forget the thrill of making out. They just jump right into the sex and don’t indulge in anything as basic as make out or kissing. This starts making you feel boring, sex becomes a routine and some days along the line you just give up on it totally. Don’t be such a couple. Once in a while try making out with your partner with your clothes on, without any hurry in the world. This will make you feel connected with them.

Treat Each Other To A Massage

Couple these days just gift each other spa time at a professional spa center. But have you ever how thought how sexy and intimate things can be when you do it personally. Well, you can even be stark naked here if you want. It is just an amazing feeling when you know that it is your partner who is doing it. It adds an extra touch to the massage. That’s why you have to skip the professionals and give a massage yourself. One thing you should remember while giving a massage is don’t give a massage to someone expecting them to give you one.

Getting Stupid Drunk With Each Other

8 Intimate Things To Do With Your Better Half Other Than Sex!

These kind of things are not usually planned, they just happen. You are just out on a vacation or out on dinner with friends. One glass of drink turns to three and then you have lost the count. You are already high with the happiness of being on a vacation or just being free from work. You are already so happy with each other that the drinks start making you feel even giddier. Either one of you is drunk or both of you are. But it just doesn’t matter. You enjoy the time, laugh at each other and just have fun. Things might lead to something else too. But just having a person with whom you can be you without any care in the world is intimate, much more than sex.

Hogging The Couch With Each Other And Having A Movie Night

Watching an awesome or a crappy movie on a Netflix or on TV. Sitting inappropriately. Eating all the junk food in the world. Just being worthless and not caring enough about it. No scrolling through work emails or replying to messages. Nothing out of the box but still enjoying the company of the person sitting beside you is the best way to spend time together. Not worrying about your appearance or making the best impression is another level of comfort and intimacy. You just being you and him being him without any care is such a homely feeling.

You might be saying this is nothing extraordinary, agreed, but these moments are few such moments which just make your relationship worth it. These intimate moments and things make you feel blessed to have someone to share these with.

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