8 Kissing styles that decode your relationship

8 Kissing styles that decode your relationship

“Cause every muah is not the same.”😍

Kissing is an act of love, sexual desire or greeting. At least, that’s what the dictionary says. It sounds so emotional and spiritual, so ‘U/A’ that there seems nothing wrong in doing it. Of course, there is nothing wrong in doing it in the confines of your private place but when you do it in public, it is frowned upon and marked as an ‘A’ act. People look at you like you’re an alien touring the earth like you are not just locking lips but giving them a complete performance, like a powerful king of the 16th Century is walking barefoot in front of you like a ghost is smiling at you.

Okay, now that we have hyped it so much, let’s get to the topic at hand before you start scrolling down or closing this tab.

  • French kiss

8 Kissing styles that decode your relationship

The French kiss is the master of all kisses. It involves some tongue interplay, some tongue rolling and two tongues pushing each other with the tip. It’s a very passionate kiss that says, “ I want to sleep with you.” On the basis of this kiss, the future of a relationship depends. So, you see, you gotta be very careful.

  • The quick lip-to-lip peck

Though it is innocent, it is playful and innocent but sends the message, “I want to kiss you full-fledged someday. This is early so I’ll wait.” It’s sensual and romantic and when it lingers for a little too long, it tends to get hot.

  • Neck kiss

Neck kiss is a turn on for most people. A kiss on the neck is usually followed by a French kiss and if not controlled, it might lead to something big. The saliva, however, needs to be controlled while kissing on the neck.

  • Teaser kiss

8 Kissing styles that decode your relationship

This kiss is often done to entice and turn on your partner. It is a playful kiss, a sign of a healthy relationship. It starts from the forehead and travels downward, on the nose, lips, neck and hands and then It is reversed backwards.

  • Closed mouth kiss

Couples who kiss closed mouth aren’t sure of their relationship. They don’t know what they want from the other person because they are uncomfortable with each other.

  • Jawline kiss

8 Kissing styles that decode your relationship

Couples who are really close to each other go for a Jawline kiss. Kiss on jawline is when you kiss your partner’s jawline. It sparks romance and is usually followed by a French kiss. Again, when your partner kisses you on your jawline, he wants to take the relationship to the next level.

  • EyeIid kiss

An eye kiss is often referred to as an ‘Angel kiss.’ When one partner kisses the closed eyelid of another partner, he says how much he loves her. It is an act of intense affection and gives the receiver a feeling of comfort.

  • Sloppy saliva

This style of kissing leaves a beard of saliva on your partner’s face. The kisser opens his mouth as wide as possible and explores the other person’s mouth. It is a ‘make or break’ kiss that will either leave you feeling disgusted or wanting more.

Now that you know the number of kisses available at your pleasure, you will never get bored of playful kissing. All the best!


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