8 mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship

8 mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship

Relationships are never an easy thing to handle whether you are a man or a woman. There will always be problems and challenges in all relationships that you would have to deal with as per your chemistry with your partner. But there are always some golden rules that would help you to keep your relationship smoother than other people. Here are eight mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship.


Being too Jealous/Possessive

Everything, when done in the right amount works wonders in a relationship. In a new relationship, a little jealousy makes partners feel appreciated and possessiveness makes them feel wanted. But if you do it too much you just start sounding too needy. Constant jealousy and possessiveness will tell your partner that you don’t trust them at all. So try being more supporting and trustworthy when you are starting your relationship.


Being passive aggressive

I know how women expect men to understand what’s wrong without them telling you. But that only happens as you spend a long time with each other. So if you just started a relationship and you go pouting after saying it’s okay won’t do any good. It will only lead to unnecessary fights which would ruin your chances. The best way is to voice your feelings in the start of a new relationship.


Talking constantly about your ex

8 mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship

Talking about your ex is the worst thing you can do in a new relationship. Your partner may be really supportive and let you talk about it but don’t take his/her politeness for granted. Talking constantly about your ex creates an image that you aren’t over them which could harm your relationship easily. Try to be over one relationship before getting into a new one.


Keeping it all about you

Everyone likes to be appreciated and loved just like you. When in a relationship talk about your partner’s interest and their likes and dislikes too. If you keep bantering about yourself and never show any interest in them they may think you are selfish and ignorant to their feelings. So keep it about both of you and it will be fine.


Going too fast

8 mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship

Be patient in a relationship and let it run its own course. If you try to move too fast in a relationship, it may drive your partner away. You are just getting to know each other when you ask for his/her house key would do nothing but drive them away. We totally understand that you may have dreamed of a house with lots of kids and pancakes as breakfast. But you are not there yet, so wait till both of you are comfortable with those talks.


Expecting too much

All the romantic movies and novels have us making unrealistic expectations of real life relationships. They do look cute and interesting in movies but real life romance is quite different. So, if you are expecting some ‘notebook’ moves on the first date you will be disappointed. Keep things real and see how your partner tries to woo you.


Being too clingy

8 mistakes you should avoid while starting a new relationship

Where are you? When will you be back? Who are you meeting? Why do you have her number? These questions sound really caring till you start overdoing it. It’s been proved scientifically that both genders like confident partners rather than clingy confused ones. And when you are just starting a new relationship you should let it blossom instead of suffocating it with the constant nagging.


Don’t try to change them or yourself

The worst mistake you can do in any relationship is faking things or trying to change the other person. Let your partner be themselves and learn to appreciate things about them. You may have an idea about how your perfect partner should be but to be honest there is nothing perfect in this world. So, get to know them and be honest about who you are to them. It will only help you create a stronger trust for the future.


I hope these points help you to get a smooth start to your new relationship. If you have something to share about your experience with us in the comments.

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