8 Qualities to look for in a guy other than physical appearance

You might be dating a few men now or even trying to get official with someone. Physical appearance is the first thing that attracts us towards someone. No matter how much you deny it, but that is the first thing people notice. But if that is the sole thing you look for in a guy, you are in for a very unhealthy relationship. So what are the things you should be looking for in a guy beyond plain looks?

8 Qualities to look for in a guy other than physical appearance

He has a positive outlook


So this guy you want to be with long term should have a very positive outlook towards life. You wouldn’t want to be with someone constantly cribbing and sulking over what is happening with his life. I am sure you will never have enough time for people to constantly worry about their moods. You will have your own set of problems and if a relationships adds an emotional burden, it is very hard to survive with.


He lets you free


You might want someone who is very responsible and knows when to take charge in a situation. It is great as long as he doesn’t question your way of doing things. He should respect your ideas and opinions instead of imposing his on you. If he is a control freak, you will feel suffocated. Nobody wants a boss in a relationship. It’s a team work. You win together, you lose together. So make sure he gives you the freedom that you should have.


He supports your dreams


No matter how unrealistic your dreams may sound, he must be willing to support you. He needs to encourage you every time. Lift you up when you feel de-motivated. Your dreams need to be equally important just like his. Just because he is a man, he shouldn’t make you feel like your aspirations aren’t his priority. If you follow his decisions of your life blindly, you might regret it later and feel guilty about letting the best opportunities go for waste.


He can take his own decisions

8 Qualities to look for in a guy other than physical appearance

Be with someone who has a spine. Someone you can count on in your worst of times. If a man cannot take his own decisions and has to depend on his friends and family for every little thing that his does, this might be a big trouble in the near future when you would expect some privacy in those decisions that concern the two of you. A man who can take his own decisions will be able to understand situations impartially without letting emotions cloud his judgements.


He expects the best for you


He wants you to have the best of everything. He is always trying to bring out the best in you, understands your potential and shows you your positives that you cannot possibly see. He is always pushing you towards your goals and always lends a helping hand when you need him. He is your support system and you can’t possibly thank anyone else other than him for every milestone that you cross.


His friends are a good company


You may not consider this to be important enough but this speaks a lot about him. Remember the saying, ” A man is known by the company he keeps.” The people he chooses to hang out with says a lot about the kind of a person he is. You cannot subtract the fact that you will have to spend time with his friends to. If they don’t respect you, would you feel great? If they give him all the wrong advices and he follows them blindly, would you really like it? In fact in the wrong company he might just put your relationship at stake to keep his friends happy.


He has his future planned

8 Qualities to look for in a guy other than physical appearance

Now this is not to say that be with someone depending on how stable he is financially. Even if you cannot deny the importance of finances these days, what is more important here is that you should be with someone who knows what he wants from life. His goals are clear and he is working in the right direction. Would like to be with someone who is aimless and is not working to build his future? Of course not! Initially love might blind you but later you will regret your decisions.


He is sensitive towards you


He always has his shoulder for you. He is sensitive towards your emotional as well as physical needs and will do whatever it takes to see you happy. He has your back and never shies away from letting people know how much he cares about you. He respects your opinions and knows how to appreciate in public and criticise behind the doors. He is ready to share the good and the bad and will never ditch you in the middle of nowhere. That is the kind of man you would want to spend the rest of your life with.



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