8 Real reasons why your man is ignoring you!

You started off really well with this person but all of a sudden things start falling apart. You are left to wonder if the connection was at all there given the cold shoulder that this man has been giving you off late. It feels devastating to feel ignored. Regardless of the feeling of confusion that you are in right now, you should think more rationally to get to the bottom of what happened. You need to be clear of the situation. Was he really into you? Did he clearly tell you that he would be in an exclusive relationship with you?

8 Real reasons why your man is ignoring you!

If yes, then his ignorance can drive you insane. And that is understandable. There is a thing about men that you should know. They aren’t very hard to understand like we think. If they like you enough they will be all in and you can feel that. Now this goes without saying that playboys don’t fit into this description because they won’t really care about your emotions and toy with that till their needs are met.


What kind of interest did he show in you to have you believe that he has feelings for you? Or did he tell you that he was not really interested and now that he has had what he wanted, he doesn’t feel the need to stay in touch anymore? Or are you only mistaking his behaviour for ignorance? Does he really matter to you so much as to take your peace of mind away thinking as to why he is ignoring you in the first place? Here are a few reasons that might give you a clear picture as to why he is acting that way with you:


His interest is fading away


Some people cannot hold on to their liking for a person for long. While it might offend you, but that is how it is. He liked the chase when he came across you. You were someone he would want to conquer and now that he did, he is up for another chase and cannot
stagnate himself with a single person for long. Something has already replaced you as a more exciting choice.


You mistook his niceness

8 Real reasons why your man is ignoring you!

Yeah, you will come across men who are great to you. Now for those who are affection starved, this might feel really nice and you will mistaken that for love. He was actually being himself. He had no intention of being in a relationship with you in the first place. You were just too blinded which is why his aloofness bothers you now.


His kind of love isn’t intense


He doesn’t like rushing things. Not the kind that would sweep you off your feet and make you feel dreamy every single day. He takes things slow and if you are the kind who loves the rush of a relationship, you might have misunderstood his way of operating in a relationship.


He never really liked you enough


The initial flirting seemed great. He liked your company. But the more he got to know you, the more he realised that you are not his “type”. Now rather than being too upfront about it, he feels that being you a cold shoulder will be better than hurting you by being too blunt about his feelings.


He isn’t really sure

8 Real reasons why your man is ignoring you!

He likes you or many be loves you but he isn’t really convinced of a long term plan with you. He wants to step back and evaluate his feels before his takes a plunge and goes deep.


He already has someone in his life


So this guy may not have told you that he already committed to someone. He was just fooling around and perhaps now he is caught in a dilemma as to how go about doing this over and over again. Even cheats have a conscience and may be his conscience kicked in late and now he thinks withdrawing is the only option left to him. That is why ignoring you now is the most convenient option available to him.


His kind of love doesn’t match up

People don’t love each other with the same intensity. This a fact which should be very understandable. No matter what he does, you feel that he is not as passionate as you are. Hence, you are mistaking his subtleness to be his ignorance. A quick advice here: If you end up expecting people to love you the way you love them, you will always be at the receiving end of unhappiness. Accept people for who they are and what’s in their capacity. You will at least stay sane.


He is sensitive to your emotions


He understands that you are all into him and he isn’t ready for that kind of commitment. He doesn’t want to hurt you in the long run. So, not trying to lead you on and take advantage of you is the best option for him at the moment.