8 Reasons why a bad date shouldn’t dishearten you!

8 Reasons why a bad date shouldn't dishearten you!


Were you recently on a bad date? Did it not turn out to be like you expected? Or did it and you couldn’t conduct yourself well? Here are a few things that you should take note of:


It’s just a matter of time


If this date that you have been to turns out the worst possible one, don’t lose hope. Even the best possible people turn into demons. So, you could just work your way out instead of taking a back seat. Or else, just see it through to the end and then decide whether it works for you or not. Judging things within minutes could cost you.


Someone, somewhere likes you

8 Reasons why a bad date shouldn't dishearten you!

There will always be people who look up to you and want you in their lives. It’s just that at times we turn a blind eye or it is us who don’t bother. Just see it the other way, even if these people don’t exist, stop caring. At times, you just gotta let go.


Don’t go on dates to seek revenge on others


Stop proving yourself all the time. You know you are great and that’s just about it. This is all that matters and should matter. The idea of a date is to have a good time with someone. So, just live in that moment and make the most of it rather than seeking a strategy to get someone jealous or win over a situation.


If your date was a nymphomaniac, you learnt a huge lesson!


Yes, if your date was a complete turn off because of the fact that all he discussed during the date was sex, thank him for the experience and just get the f*** out of that place. Chances are he could manipulate you into having sex. The greater chances are all he will ever be interested in is sex and will fail to respect you. And I could be sure about the fact that you will definitely not entertain someone who has no appreciation or respect for you.


Your imperfections will always appear perfect to someone who genuinely likes you

8 Reasons why a bad date shouldn't dishearten you!

We can’t always control our conversations (Especially the chatter boxes just can’t!). Making a few mistakes here and there will be of little significance if you like the person and vice versa. The ones who desert you never really bothered about you. You can never force people to do things your way or to like you just because you like them. So, let them go and cherish what you already have.


Your self-worth is much beyond someone else’s recognition


The person you dated doesn’t necessarily need to like you. Of course, it’s an overwhelming feeling when someone you like likes you back, but trust me, that sort of your recognition/validation won’t do you good. Just because you meet his parameters or don’t, doesn’t prove anything. What comes foremost is how you see and feel about yourself.


Trust people when they tell you something about themselves


People know about themselves much more than you know them. So, even if someone comments about their life jokingly, trust them. Keep the information in your head and assess. Don’t judge right away but try and be careful while dealing with an aspect of their personality that can prove what they joked to you about.


Don’t rush about the future

 8 Reasons why a bad date shouldn't dishearten you!

The future is really far. Don’t push your date or pressurise him by asking if at all your date is heading towards marriage. It’s too soon to decide on something as serious as marriage right away on the first date. Just live the moment and keep them as memories. The date may materialise or not but you will take back the experience and learn lessons.


So, enjoy your date no matter how bad it turns out to be!



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