8 Reasons why every woman must man-up

8 reasons why a woman should manup

  • Take it easy

Dating is fun and effortless. Don’t overthink, don’t think too much about what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to look, what you should say, how you should behave, what façade you must put on. Just quit all that. Men go with the flow; you can do the same. Shut your head down, and date like you’ve got nothing to lose. Cause after all, you really have nothing to lose.

  • Stop Going Out of Your Way

Stop it. If you have planned a girl’s night out or a dinner with your family, get your priorities straight, woman! Don’t cancel because your Prince Charming suddenly feels like getting laid tonight, or to put it less harshly, misses you.
He would never cancel on his friends for you, then why should you?

  • Be You

Don’t do things, wear clothes and act how he wants you to, to satisfy him. Be yourself. If one fine day, you want to wear shorts, don’t feel bad about showing your legs off because your boyfriend is too conservative.
Don’t buy that expensive piece of uncomfortable lingerie because you think your beautiful body is not good enough reason for him to want you.
Don’t do anything that makes you feel any less yourself. Men will never stop wearing their comfortable boxers, so quit trying to achieve the level of perfection that does not exist.

  • Singlehood

Being single is a blessing. Yes, of course, sometimes you might feel lonely and a little too low. But you can always call a couple of random friends over the phone and ask them out for a night at the nearest, cheapest pub. Or even better, sit at home, chill to Netflix and pizza, even grab some buds for yourself if you want.
Take delight in your own company for as Samantha has handsomely put it, “I’ve been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work on.”

  • Don’t Obsess

Never do that. Don’t give up on your activities, like gym, dance-classes, painting-sessions, time you spend with your friends and family, just to spend a little extra time with your new-found companion. You don’t know how things will pan out, so don’t give up on everything else you have obsessing over a guy you’re not even sure will stay. It’s not attractive being so available. Make yourself scarce, let him value you. Let him believe you have a life too.

  • Man Up

Drinking at a bar, a hot guy steps in with his friends, you’ve exchanged a glance or two. So what are you waiting for? Man up and go straight up to him. Make your move, at the most you might have to face rejection. But you never know, he might even be enthralled at your boldness!

  • Relax

You will always have time to find Mr. Right, and even if you run out, make some fabulous friends or adopt an adorable puppy or if you’re up for greater responsibilities, you can even raise a beautiful child. There are so many ways to be happy. A happy-ending does not always mean finding your soul-mate and living happily ever after, but true bliss lies in finding yourself and being content thereafter.
So stop dating like you have a deadline. Your deadline is when you die. Live, laugh, love, date while you still have the time.

  • Stop Brooding

He hasn’t called back? He didn’t reply to your texts? He didn’t ask you out again? SO WHAT! The advantage of being a woman is there are an abundance of men just looking for that one girl, whereas, it’s really hard for men as they are never sure when it’s safe to approach a woman.
So quit being sad over that one guy who forgot to pay you enough attention, there’s so much more to life than men and relationships. Go out there, live a little. I don’t think you’ll ever want another guy again once you’ve tasted real life.