8 Reasons why you should live alone atleast once in life!

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, “If you’re lonely when you’re alone, then you’re in bad company.”

It beautifully sums the importance of living alone. For most of us, we rarely get a chance to live completely alone. If we leave our parent’s house we live with roommates, friends or our boyfriend/girlfriend. In all this, we never get the opportunity to enjoy the perks of living all alone. Yes, you heard me right; living alone has perks of its own and from my experience, everyone should do it at least once in their life. Here are some reasons why you should try it.

    • Learn the difference between being alone and being lonely

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One of the first things you would lose is having someone around to entertain you when you start living alone. Now the only company you have is you and this is a refreshing feeling. Yes, it will take some time to adjust to this change but once you do, you will start learning a lot about yourself. You will understand your likes and dislikes. You will learn to enjoy your company. It’s a totally different kind of freedom.


  • You realize you are stronger than you believed

When you live with someone, you always have people to look out for you. If you cut your hand, stub your toe or feel sick; there would be someone to check on you. But when you are alone there’s no one and you need to buck up. Yes, you may feel sad at the start but these times would make you stronger for the future struggles in life. You will learn to take care of yourself.


  • You get memories with yourself

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If you think about it there are very few memories you have of which just you were the part. It would have your parents, siblings, friends or partner. Living alone gives you the opportunity to make memories with yourself. Like the day you spend in the coffee shop reading your favorite book or the day you binge watched Game of Thrones and kept the phone switched off. Go ahead make some memories with yourself.


  • You learn what’s responsibility

This is one of the toughest and most important lessons living alone gives you. You no longer have people reminding you to take your keys, your charger, and your glasses. You no longer have people paying your electricity bills, phone bills etc. You start putting the due dates in your planner. You start understanding what your parents meant when they told that you will learn when you live alone.


    • You learn to cook

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I know some of you hate to even think about cooking, but the food you make for yourself always tastes better than anything else. And sometimes until it’s the only choice left we don’t learn to cook. If we are with roommates or friends, we try to eat outside or depend on them for our food. But when you are alone you start learning to cook. Not only that but we also like to try new recipes once we get a hang of the pan and stove.


  • Nightmares aren’t that scary anymore

I cringe even on the slightest of sounds in the dark. Sleeping alone in a house where there was no one else was a serious nightmare for me for a long time. But when you have to do it, you start finding that the sounds that made you cringe were just sounds. The darkness isn’t that scary anymore and you are able to roam through rooms without switching on the lights. Live alone and it will teach you to fight your fears.


  • You stop being lazy

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Well, this takes a bit of time but it sure does happen. You start engaging in creative work in order to make the best use of your talent. When you smell a pile of laundry stinking, when you see all the unwashed dishes in the sink, when you see the dust on all your furniture; you finally give in to yourself and get to work. You start to learn the importance of cleaning. You learn to put your stuff in the right place. Lazy wouldn’t be an option to you anymore.


  • You get all the privacy in the world

This is one of the finest perks living alone gives you. You can take a shower and just walk out in your underwear. You can get in bed naked. You can have friends over whenever you feel like. You can choose to spend days alone with no disturbance. You can bring over your boyfriend/girlfriend and there would be no awkwardness if you get sexual. Life gets pretty amazing when you get to decide how you want to spend your time.
So go ahead give it a chance. Because it changed me for the better. If you have something to add to this please feel free to share in the comments.


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