8 Signs your love life is uncertain with no future ahead!

Do you feel like your relationship is incomplete and somewhere something is missing? In love, you are supposed to feel truly happy. Of course every relationship has problems, but if you truly feel that your relationship is fulfilling, you will sail through the uncertainties. But if there is something that doesn’t feel right every time you think of your partner, there must be something you are killing yourself with in that relationship. An uncertain love life can be very frustrating where you have to drag it every day. Do you feel like there something wrong but not able to figure what? Here are a few signs that your relationship is uncertain and you fears aren’t unfounded.

8 Signs your love life is uncertain with no future ahead!

You are never at peace


Your relationship status is very confusing. While you have tried to have some form of clarification, you haven’t received at nod about your exclusivity. This is why you are constantly worried about the security of your future together. You living in the fear that someday he might just call it off and you will be left in a broken state. You feel hopeless and frustrated even thinking about what lies ahead. [Read: 5 Reasons Why My Last Breakup Was Awesome]


You are irrationally obedient to him


You forget using your own logic when he tries to sell you some idea and lose your sense of rationality. Basically you have been so very manipulated all through the relationship that you have let him hold the reins in the relationship. For every little thing you are manipulated just so that he can have his needs met. While you understand that you don’t like doing certain things you obey him and later kill yourself about it.


You have the hide things from him


You have never been able to tell him what you truly feel. You have always feared being judged. I keep your ideas to yourself because you know he will never approve of what you say. He has even reacted violently previously which has driven you into hidings things that concern you. Silencing yourself will not make the relationship better even if you think that it will please your man momentarily. Eventually you will have to speak up when you are being hurt. So, let go of that fear and do something to get out of this unstable relationship.


You don’t trust each other

 8 Signs your love life is uncertain with no future ahead!

Both of you are too suspicious of each other. While you might just shun that thought away thinking that it is plain jealousy, but if this is happening repeatedly, it might be signal from your instinct that something isn’t really right. In a relationship where you have security, you don’t really need to draw your guards up. You won’t have to feel like your partner is taking advantage of your trust. While you may think this is workable, be cautioned that rarely can trust issues be solved. [Read: 6 Reasons why he did not call you back]


You never work on your flaws


If you wish to have a great relationship, you will have to create that space you let each know your deepest secrets and your nastiest flaws. If they can accept that and you can grow with each other, you can attain stability. But if you repeatedly try and cover up his flaws just to project a fake image of your relationship, it can come crushing in on your sanity when his flaws get the best of you.


You let him make decisions


A relationship is a partnership of equals. Well, that’s how I try to look at it. You have your own set of opinions on how to do a certain thing, whether it is everyday decisions or monetary issues. If he is the one at the helm of affairs everywhere, then you are just a second class citizen in your own country. You practically have no rights and you are made to feel like an inferior. [Read: 10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!]


You have given up on your desires


Initially you entered the relationship with so many dreams of doing things together. With time, you have almost forgotten about everything. It’s all about him now and you just abide. You are doing everything to stay in his good books. Both of you never really earned places in each other’s hearts. You were only trying to look for short- term pleasure seeking partnerships and settled for the one most easily available.


You aren’t independent


There is a huge sense on dependence on your partner not just for emotional but also financial needs. This makes you very vulnerable because your partner will almost always make you feel like the inferior one in the relationship. With no confidence, you are always at the receiving end of all his high handedness in the relationship.  Dependency is a serious relationship killer if you are looking for an equal partner. [Read: 6 Ways to make him feel important if you are fiercely independent]