8 Signs your partner is just using you!

Your love is precious and not meant for everyone. You need to be choosy about who you fall for. Not everyone deserves it. There are some really insensitive people who really don’t care about peoples’ feelings. Your feelings deserve respect. No one should be able to toy with your feelings whenever they want to. You need to know how to avoid such people and prevent all the heartache.

8 Signs your partner is just using you!

He is a bit too generous with his compliments


Now who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? All of us crave to listen to our partners complimenting us. It makes you feel very desirable and confident. However, beware if they feel a bit too much and coming up all the time. This is a sure fire way to understand that his intentions aren’t that great. He is just playing on you, to get the best out of you. It’s his way of distracting you from what his true intentions are.


He communicates only when the day ends


He doesn’t call or text you throughout the day. He doesn’t wish to know how your day was. You wouldn’t have a trace of him in the entire day. You are his last resort before he goes to bed. He calls only when he knows there is no one else he could play with. You are not allowed to call him whenever you want to but only when he calls you should answer. This should raise suspicions, shouldn’t it?


He doesn’t want to be seen in public with you

8 Signs your partner is just using you!

He makes excuses to hide away from public appearances with you. He makes it a point to meet you at places which are almost deserted or within the confines of a room only. If he was really into you, wouldn’t he want to be with you wherever you wanted to? Would he be so secretive about you? We all know what dating in a room ultimately leads to. If his idea of dates is confined to a room only all he needs is his your body and nothing else.


You were never introduced to his friends


You will forever remain a secret. If you really like each other, you will want meet those people who know your partner the best. You will want to get involved in a deeper way. If you haven’t ever met his friends, this means you are not important enough. This means you will never be ‘the one’, but will only remain a sidekick.


He never really tells you about his life


He is very secretive about his lifestyle. He never shares his childhood stories or important events of his life with you. Do you even know anything beyond basic facts about him? He is generally vague about his whereabouts. You never really know where he is and what he is doing at any point of time during the day. By keeping his personal details all to himself, he gives you a clear sign that he doesn’t wish to make you an important part of his life. You will soon be ghosted or left clueless about why he chose to leave you.


He is very possessive about his phone


He never lets you touch his phone. His phone feels like an forbidden fruit for you. He wouldn’t let you go anywhere close to it. If you ask, he has numerous excuses ready. He is actually playing you. He is seeing other women as well and he is sure that he wouldn’t like you know anything about his life. No matter what the conversation is about, if it’s his friends he shouldn’t keep a secret from you.


You have to do things according to his will

 8 Signs your partner is just using you!

Your opinions are never taken into account. You only go out when he wants to. He ditches plans with you quite often without any concrete reason. Only when he has nothing else to do, he goes out with you and expects you to change your plans accordingly. He is only doing this he is super busy meeting other important people in life and you are nowhere in his priority list. He will never make future plans with you because he knows he will cut you out of his life any moment.


He checks out other women


A guy who is truly into you will never want to have his eyes for other women. If you notice him constantly looking out at any random woman who passes by, if he then tells you about what he likes about her, compares you; this man is filthy. If he tells you that he likes you but he is constantly in the habit of bird watching right in front of you; be aware that he can do a lot more behind you.


Being used really sucks and if you want to save yourself from all the heartache, move out of this so- called relationship as soon as you can as soon as you spot these signs.



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