8 Signs Your Soul Needs A Spiritual Detox And How To Engage In one!

You might have heard about all kinds of detox like body detox, liver detox etc but do you know that your soul might need detox too.  Are you aware of what causes the need for spiritual detox? All through our day, we keep on feeding our soul with unnecessary junk just like junk food. We are surrounded by so many negative energies that our soul weighs down due to it. That is why our soul needs occasional cleansing, just like our body to get rid of the toxins. So how exactly do you come to know that you need spiritual detox? Here are a few signs that can help you in identifying whether you need spiritual detox.

8 Signs Your Soul Needs A Spiritual Detox And How To Engage In one!

Your Friends Find Ways To Avoid You

Honestly, people don’t want to be around a person who gives off negative vibes. You no longer seem to find any connectivity with your friends. You will notice that your friends avoid hanging out with you. This itself is a sign that your soul needs a spiritual detox.

You Don’t Sleep So Well

Your mind is a mess. The thoughts keep on whirling in your mind all the time and maybe that’s why you don’t get sleep at night. Even if you do sleep, it will be a restless sleep. Or you end up having bad dreams or nightmares which awakes you in the middle of the night, after which you find it hard to fall asleep. This is your minds way of telling you that it has had enough and you need a detox from this mess.

You Feel So Bored

Any sort of thing doesn’t hold your interest for a long time off lately, even the activities which you loved to do seem to get quite boring for you. You just get so irritated with things in general that people have started questioning it. If this is true for your case then you definitely need a spiritual detox.

You End Up Hurting Other’s Feelings Even Though You Didn’t Mean To

You don’t realize it but suddenly you have become all sarcastic with people. You are pretty mindless when you say things to people. You never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings but it just happens in the flow, you are unaware of it and by the time you realize it’s too late. That’s why you need a soul detox.

Misery Loves Company

It is known a thing to everyone that negativity just drags you down, but some people are so immersed in it that they start seeking negativity everywhere. Are you becoming one of those people? You scroll through the feeds that feed negativity, you search them even though you know it will upset you. Stop yourself before things go more downhill. Take a spiritual detox.

You Find Pleasure In Other’s Misfortune

Normally people are empathetic. But you are not. You don’t feel sad when someone you know is sad. You have become bitter and you don’t realize it that is saying something, right? You might feel you are always right. If you are finding pleasure in other’s misfortune then you need a spiritual detox.

Your Emotions Are Cold

8 Signs Your Soul Needs A Spiritual Detox And How To Engage In one!

You don’t feel the emotions of people anymore, you just feel cold. You used to be a compassionate person but you don’t know how things changed but you are now emotionless, well at least people seem to say so. You can say you just feel numb to everything around you. It is not a good thing. You must go for a spiritual detox.

You Think You Are A Victim In Every Situation

I think this might be the consequence of negativity. Negative feelings make us so blind that they sometimes take away our power. They take away our ability to think right. You just feel like a victim all the time. But how can that be? Have you ever thought about it? Take another look at the situation with an unbiased point of view and you’ll realize that you have been wrong and it’s time you do something about it.

How To Engage In A Spiritual Detox

You may also agree that all of this is taking a toll on you some way. You are getting tired of this negativity. You feel pissed when you see others life filled with joy while you seem to have an internal battle all the time. It is might seem easy after reading these steps but it will take a bit of effort on your part to actually make it happen. Read on to know more

Knowing That Even Little Things Count

Your mind and soul may feel burdened with all the things that you fill it with. When you allow everything to enter into your mind, each and everything may have an impact on your soul and mind. You have to take notice of everything that goes in your life. Take a mindful approach to everything in your life.

One Act Of Kindness Can Make Your Day

Start with doing one kind thing or act randomly. You’ll notice the amount of pleasure you feel after doing it. It will make you feel good about yourself. Your soul will feel uplifted just by seeing the smile on other’s face. Kindness has the power to win over other’s heart and your soul will get a detox by helping others.

Connect With People And Uplift Them

Don’t let the bitterness swallow your soul. Detoxify your soul by finding good in people. Find ways to connect with people, appreciate them when they do something good, offer a feedback and learn from them. Uplifting others will help you in uprooting yourself. You’ll feel happy when you see that people actually acknowledge what you do.

Appreciate The Beauty Of Mother Earth

If there is one thing that can recharge you with positive energy anytime then it is the nature or mother earth. Nature always gives refreshing positive vibes. Breakthrough your everyday work pattern and go out for a walk in the garden or stroll in a busy street. Nature has so much to offer we are just too busy with our own world. Give your spirit a healthy and natural detox by enjoying the beauty of nature that God has bestowed us with.

Declutter And Clean Your Space

A good and useful thing to do when you are feeling low or upset is to declutter your space. I know this might seem silly to you but just try it once. Our surroundings have a huge effect on our minds and soul. Try living in a shabby place for a while and you’ll start feeling irked by it. Put all the things away which mean nothing to you. It will help you to get over the weight you feel in your heart by cleaning out the old things from your life.

Clean Your Thoughts As Well

8 Signs Your Soul Needs A Spiritual Detox And How To Engage In one!

As all of it is happening in your mind, you need to cleanse your mind too. All the negativity is weighing you down. Let it all go. Don’t hold grudges against anyone. Steer away from the negative thoughts. Focus on positivity. Even though unhealthy thoughts manage to take over your mind don’t let them stay in your mind for long. Don’t let your thoughts go haywire, sort them out.

Learn To Channel Out Your Anger Productively

There’s no one in the world that can stay without getting angry throughout his/ her life. Then how come some people are so calm? It is just that they learn to control their feelings. They learn to channelize their anger in a productive way rather than in a destructive way. It is not easy to do it but you can still try.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Genuinely Make You Happy

Half of the time our soul gets burdened by all the feelings we put it through. It makes you feel heavy with the junk that is actually not needed. Free your spirit of all those hard feelings and unhappy thoughts. Learn to let go or ignore people who steer negativity in your life. Surround yourself and spend more time with those who make you happy.

Go for a spiritual detox and your mind, soul and heart will thank you for making it feel light!