8 Smart banking tips for Indian women!

8 Smart banking tips for women!

Banking is one of the areas where I absolutely fall for the gimmicks and tricky advertisements and it is later that I realize my mistakes. I am sure there are many like me who face similar problem. Banking is a smart affair and if not dealt with intelligent wings, it can leave you with severe disappointments. After all, it is all about your money and you surely don’t want to mess up. Here are the things you need to consider to find out the right bank for yourself.




8 Smart banking tips for women!

Initially, you might just think that it is not as important as other factors but trust me it is one of the primary things that you should take into consideration before choosing a bank. If the bank is close to your residence, you will be able to get your work done quickly. Loans, large transactions or any banking issue can be easily addressed if the bank is nearby. If the bank is close to your workplace, then also it helps to great extents.



Different banks have different timings. Find out the timings of the bank and tally with your work timings and schedules. Usually all banks are up till 5pm but some banks close early. If you take holidays to visit your bank, then it is certain that you have made the wrong choice.



Reserve Bank of India’S TAKE

You will have to indulge in a bit of research work. Go to Reserve Bank of India’s website and extract all the necessary details about the bank.  They provide all performance related details of all the banks on their site. This will help you identify the right bank for yourself. All the banks are obliged to submit an annual report with the RBI which lists everything from its profits, earnings, dividends to even the penalty paid for malpractice.




8 Smart banking tips for women!

Don’t just opt a bank because your relatives or friends have or simply because your parents insist you to do. While making choices between a nationalized bank and a private bank, weigh all issues. Nationalized banks work under the pressure of the government and are forced to invest in sectors that result in huge losses. They are compelled to prioritize big industrialists when it comes to loans. On the other hand, private banks have no such pressure or compulsions.



Look for zero-balance accounts, free debit cards without an annual renewable fee, free NEFT and RTGS. These services must be considered. Some banks only allow five free NEFT transactions in a month.




Website plays a very important role and hence, you should browse through different sites. Today, online bank transfers and dealing are a very integral part of our lives and therefore, you should see if you are comfortable with the interface of the bank’s website.



8 Smart banking tips for women!

Interest rates are a very important factor. Interest rates vary from savings accounts, fixed deposits and other investments. Compare the interest rates of different banks. Some banks also offer a higher rate of interest especially for women so do not forget to ask about that.



Visit the bank and see how friendly the staff is and what is the amount of time being taken to process your request. This will help you analyze a bank’s functioning and dealing with its customers closely.


Only few out of the many know where exactly to put their money. Stay unaffected by smart marketing gimmicks by considering these simple tips. You will be able to find a solvent bank for yourself in no time!



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