8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

Haven’t you ever wanted to read people’s mind instantly? Just like Edward, the vampire from the Twilight Saga. Although no one has the power to actually decode someone’s mind we can still figure out people with the help of their body language. It is really not as difficult as it seems. You just need to know what to look for. Most of the times our intuition and senses help us in decoding what the person is about to do or say but we are not always on point. You can improve your reading skills with the help of some of these points.

8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

A person’s body language says a lot about him/ her. In fact, we do not focus on our body language while we are saying something; we just focus on what we are saying. Unconsciously our body is already sending the message without us knowing. We just choose to deliberately ignore it.

If you have ever noticed you’ll know that when people are trying to hide something they often are too obvious about it. You need to keep an eye on certain things in order to decode someone’s body language. But don’t worry here are few cues that might help you in figuring out people.


Pay Attention To The Appearance

It is true that appearances can be deceiving but not all the times. Even if you are trying to hide what you are you will unconsciously give some signals which will give you away. When you wear a western outfit even though you do not like wearing them then your actions will give it away. You’ll keep fidgeting and pull your blouse/ top down all the time which are instant giveaways.

Whenever you are trying to figure someone out try to gauge their appearances. The way they dress, the way they present themselves and also the way they smell can help you in figuring them out instantly. If a person is all smelly or is wearing creased clothes then it is a dead giveaway that the person is lazy.



8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

Eye contact can be a great cue to the way a person feels about you or about the situation in general. If a person is shy you can instantly find it out by the way they try not to make any eye contact with you. Eyes can reveal a lot more about what a person is feeling internally like when someone is furious you can see the rage in their eyes or when someone wants to intimidate you can feel it through their eyes and same way when someone loves you, you can see the love in their eyes. Maybe that’s why people say that eyes are the windows to the soul.

Physical Contact Or Touch

8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

Touching patterns can tell you a lot about a person’s character. You can sense it in the touch. You can feel it whether it is romantic or sensual or domineering. It can be easily interpreted, for instance, a pat on the back means appreciation, a heavy grip may mean force while rubbing on the arm may mean physical intimacy etc. So pay attention to the way others touch you and this way you can easily interpret what the person feels or wants to say to you.


Paralanguage means the way anyone speaks. If you pay attention to how a person speaks when he is very aggravated you’ll instantly know what he/she is feeling. You can also note the tone of sarcasm when someone is using it. It can be a very helpful to figure out a person instantly if you know how to interpret the way a person speaks. You can easily find out whether the person is rude or polite. Although sometimes a person may be rude in paralanguage, his/ her intentions might not be wrong.

You can even notice the tone in which they speak. Whether it is snippy, soothing, whiny or abrasive, it will depict a lot about a person and who he is in real life.



8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

Someone’s body posture says a lot about that person. Our body posture speaks about our confidence level. When a person walks with his head held high, upright with their shoulders back then it may be interpreted that the person has a good self-confidence and esteem. On the other hand, if a person walks with sagged shoulders, head facing downwards towards the ground might give an impression that the person has low self-esteem or confidence. It might also mean that the person is very lazy. Even when a person walks by dragging his feet it might give a message that he or she is lazy, although it might not be true.

However, if a person walks with a puffed out chest with a swagger and never looks down might mean that the person is overconfident or is egoistic.


The Facial Expressions

8 Subtle Signs That Can Help You Read People Instantly!

Our face gives away our moods very instantly. Sometimes we might not want to show people how we feel about things but we can’t seem to control the emotions that are etched on our faces. Whenever we eat something bitter or sour it can be easily seen on our faces although we were not even aware of it.

Deep frown lines on our forehead suggest that the person is worried. The pursed lips mean anger and contempt. A clenched jaw and hands mean either the person is frustrated or is tensed. This way a face can give away a lot about a person and you can easily figure it out.


Don’t Ignore Your Gut Feelings

Another technique to figure out people is to trust our intuition. Intuition is nonverbal information that our body instantly figures out about some other person through images and feelings. Always honor your gut feelings. Have you ever felt the negative vibes from a person? It is your gut feeling that signals you about the negative feelings a person is giving off. It is a primal response that tells you to be aware of the person.


Punctuality Or Time

Although it might seem a bit absurd but this is also helpful in figuring out things about a person immediately. Some people just like to show up late all events and share a not-so-valid excuse like, ‘I was stuck in traffic’. It may be due to two reasons. Either they like to fashionably late to all the events or they just don’t have a good sense of time. Either way, it says a lot about the person. It might also seem like you do not value others time and just care about yours. On the other end, if a person is always on time and the first one to be on time then it speaks a lot more differently about that person.

These can be really tricky and take some practice. But nonetheless, they help you in figuring out a person. You can also try to sense the energy that surrounds a particular person. There are so many things we blindly miss out on when we do not know what to notice. Hopefully, these signs will be helpful for you to figure out a person in some way.

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