8 Things to do to revive your dying friendship!

Growing up we have gained a lot of things and also lost a few important things, one such thing is our friendships. You may not have realized it when you grew apart from those few people whom you promised to be best friends with forever. Those were the friends who were there with you at your weirdest, embarrassing moments and also the best moments in life. Suddenly when you look and ponder over those years you realize you have become strangers or about to be one.

8 Things to do to revive your dying friendship!

If you realize it now then why let go of such beautiful bonds? Why not do your best to save them and make them forever? These are on the verge of breaking, a small tug at it and there will be nothing connecting you. Of course, we can’t blame anyone because all of us are stuck in our busy schedules. We have been struck by so many obligations and responsibilities that even if we want to we can’t make time for it. But it is absolutely important to have friendships in life. Friendships are the relations we develop on our own and something we nurture on our own. It is never too late, so if you realize that you want to save the bond between you and your friend then take these steps to revive your dying friendship

Act Now And Take Time For Friends

Yeah, everyone has their obligations to fulfill and that’s why you have been extremely busy to notice the distance your busy schedules have created for you and your friend. But it doesn’t hurt to take some time out for your old friends, does it? You have to act as soon as you realize that you have been missing out. If you wait still more you’ll lose something important to you forever. Be the one to take initial steps. Don’t sit around and wait for your friend to realize and come to you. Trust me, it’ll take a small phone call and you’ll be back with your same old best friend.


Don’t Let Misunderstandings Tear You Apart

Most of the lost friendships are due to the misunderstandings that they couldn’t solve. You never know, your friend might have distanced himself or herself from you due to some reason which basically flushed down your friendship in the drain. Was it something you did? Or was it something you said? No one is actually a fan of confrontations and maybe that’s why you might even be avoiding the whole thing altogether. Don’t let this misunderstanding tear your friendship apart. If a single confrontation can save your dying friendship, then why not? It might be awkward in the starting but eventually, conversations will get back to normal.


Don’t Start Cribbing About Life And Struggles

I know, some of you might disagree on this point but not everyone wants to sit and just talk about the struggles you are facing because everyone has their own pocket full of struggles and hardships. Some people just want to sit and chill with you like old times so that for once in a while they feel free of the burden life puts on them. Some people avoid talking to their friends because they don’t feel like it to sit and console you. That’s why don’t start a cribbing session every time you meet. Have fun and talk about random good things that have happened over the week instead of blabbering about what a hassle your work life is.


Don’t Judge Them

8 Things to do to revive your dying friendship!

One thing that makes the bond between friends stronger than that of the family is the sole reason that friends don’t limit you or judge you for what and who you are. Be the same friends you were as teenagers. Friends don’t judge each other, always keep this in mind. It might be okay if you do not agree with them. At such times agree to disagree but don’t let it affect your friendship.

Spend time with them and sometimes use your judgment to paint whether money is an issue for them. Plan things accordingly. Don’t embarrass them or question their lifestyle. You know better so don’t put them in a situation where they have to avoid going out with you. If clubbing is something they are uncomfortable with then why not just plan a house party, house parties are so cozy and fun.


Support Them In Their Endeavors

People often fall short of support in their life. They often distance themselves from their closed ones due to this. Find out if your friends are going on through some tough phase or if they are taking some big decisions in their life. Support them with their decisions, even if you feel they are not exactly right. Maybe you might be wrong and they might actually be able to work this out. Your support might mean a lot to them and this might also revive your friendship.

Sometimes you might just not be okay with what they are doing with their life. Make it a point to let them know what you think but don’t force your view on them. It is totally okay to agree to disagree. A little bit of trust from your side might be a relief for them.


Make Use Of Social Media

8 Things to do to revive your dying friendship!

There are times when you just can’t take out time to personally meet each other. You can definitely give your friend a call or a message. In today’s world, it is not hard to keep contact with each other. Even if you are not living in the same place you can definitely ring each other up and share few moments with them.

Memes and posts are trending right now and you can make good use of them by tagging your friend in some. You can use social media to remind each other of your presence. It might sound so petty to you but for your friend, it might be an assurance that you do remember them. It might also bring a huge smile on their face.


Sharing Is Good For Friendship

Remember the times when you used to run to your best friend whenever you were in trouble or whenever you had something big to share? Well, its time you bring back the same excitement and care back in your friendship. In the past few years you might have just grown apart and things might not be the same anymore but your friendship is still the same. If you doubt it then try sharing things with your friend once again. You’ll see that the same friendship still exists. You’ll realize that you can still run to your best friend whenever you have problems because they understand you like no one else.


Accept The Differences

With the passage of time people change and so do friendships. You have to acknowledge the differences and accept them as well. Accept the fact that you won’t find your best friend beside you all the time like before. The shift in your lifestyle, work and schedules won’t affect your bond. Don’t demand their presence when you know they can’t make it due to some personal reason. Trust your friendship.

Reviving the dying or dormant friendships is necessary because someday in future you don’t want to look back and regret not making amends sooner.

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