8 Things that turn off women during sex!

8 Things that turn off women during sex!

A perfect sex is always a desire for all of us. No one wants to feel undone at the end of a lovemaking session. While having sex, the onus of its success is on both the participants. But today let us have a check on the list of things that men go wrong that turns off women.


When they can’t find the clitoris

Yeah, boys! That indeed is a turn-off. It is okay to juggle and lose your way one or two times but you cannot struggle all the time. Some tend to go wrong with the spot even after finding the clit and that instantly is turn off as the arousal also fades away with it.


Pounding the pussy

8 Things that turn off women during sex!

Striking those fingers in and out and almost jamming the pussy is nothing less than a torture for women and most men fail to understand that. They assume that the harder they do this, the more pleasurable it is for women. No! It should be understood that there is a vast difference between fingers and a dick. By now you should have mastered how to finger a pussy gently and fondly.

Forcing for Anal sex

Some women may enjoy swinging it both ways but before you know it firmly one mustn’t try to compel a woman to try anal. Anal penetration can be fun and erotic but dragging your partner forcefully into it is certainly less manly.

Pubic Hair

If women can spend oodles of time to wave off their facial hair and get a bikini wax done, then men too must take accountability to get their genitals manicured. That pubic hair down overgrown and untrimmed is undeniably not cherished by women and turns them off at sight.


When they climax very early

8 Things that turn off women during sex!

Nothing turns off a woman as likely as a man not lasting longer on bed. A woman would drool over a man who can give her a pleasurable pounding session that lasts a clock longer and would choose him over someone who just cannot give her enough friction.


Not helping her reach orgasm

Okay, you have ejaculated early but does that mean your task is done? Hell no! You have to help her climax too. When a man simply dozes off or stops performing once he has cum that turns off a woman and makes her feel bad too. It is selfish to not help her masturbate or indulge in some fingering and clit rubbing if you haven’t climaxed together.


Not taking a shower before sex

Women feel taken for granted and less affectionate when men are too casual. For instance, if a man doesn’t bother to take a bath or brush his teeth before having sex, it is a major turn off during sex.


Copying things that are online

8 Things that turn off women during sex!

Experimenting is always fun but copying stuff that you have seen online isn’t always a good idea. The sensual scenes in the movies involve paid actors and a number of cuts and retakes. Hence, recreating online content in the bedroom doesn’t really works. It is kind of forceful and artificial and burns the natural drive in women.


Above mentioned are the things that turn women off. They are funny and tricky but everything is true. Therefore, I think now men shouldn’t find an excuse to disappoint women next time and should keep these aspects in mind. You can also check this things that turn women on during sex.


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