8 Things you do when you value yourself more while finding love

When you self- love, you understand yourself much more than others. In the process, you are much more appreciative of all that you have and also the people you attract in life. Here are a few things you do differently than others when finding your soul mate.

8 Things you do when you value yourself more while finding love


A chanced mismatch is not under your control


You understand that just because a match doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that the fault is in you. You understand that the puzzle will fit perfectly in the long run and you do not need to keep chasing frantically to find the right man.


You understand that love isn’t bought

8 Things you do when you value yourself more while finding love

You do not need to meet certain set standards to  find the man of your dreams. You are more realistic in understanding that no matter what shape, size or colour you are the eventual journey of finding the right person will be worth it and you will be served when the time is ripe. You are aware that love is not just reserved for a selected few. It’s there is abundance. That, it’s just a matter of time.


You do not melt with shallow words but value actions


When action do not merge with all that has been verbally promised, it shatters your belief. The fact that you respect yourself much more that anything or anyone, it makes you buy into concrete gestures. It doesn’t matter to you if the men you meet have repeatedly convinced you to believe that you are soul mates, when actions aren’t as powerful, it’s a huge turn off for you.


You focus on making yourself more valuable

 8 Things you do when you value yourself more while finding love

You value strength and integrity. You are constantly trying to make yourself better than what you were yesterday instead of depending on store bought makeup to conceal your outward imperfections. You understand that a beautiful face attracts attention but you are much intellectual in believing that real substance counts much more in the long run when it comes to finding true love.


You are honest in communicating all that you expect


You are outrightly clear whether you are really looking for a life partner or just a casual hookup. You detest keeping people in the loop just to seek momentary pleasure. You value people’s emotions and consider it degrading to hurt or take advantage of the love they are willing to offer.


You treat like you would like to be treated

 8 Things you do when you value yourself more while finding love

You understand that objects should be used for your comfort and not people. That you do not need to mistreat people to boost your ego. Of course, doing good doesn’t necessarily attract good since you have no control over people’s actions. But you love to have faith. You know that you can’t force someone to love you the way you do. This implies that they respect people’s opinions and only wish to get emotionally invested in someone who is equally willing to invest in them.


You are much more open to taking chances with people


You understand that the coal needs to undergo a lot of pressure to finally turn into a diamond. You know that meeting people helps you grow and mature. That a few heartbreaks will only make you stronger and much prepared of the best you are yet to come across.


You do not depend on others for happiness


Your life is testimony to the fact that not everyone is meant to stay. Some people are just lessons to help you appreciate and learn whatever life has to offer to you. Hence, you know how to find joy in yourself. You have learnt to enjoy your own company. What’s important is that you know how to spread happiness.


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