8 ways to spice up your bedroom sex!

8 ways to spice up your bedroom

We have some amazing bedroom ideas to make your private moments steamier!


Seduction is an art, and so is love-making. Read magazines, go to bookstores, look up the World Wide Web and read up as much as possible for information and inspiration. Become curious to spice up things in the bedroom!

Talk about sex, discuss the good and the bad and the embarrassing, with all your girlfriends. Always remember, knowing more comes in handy.

When you’re being inquisitive and devouring more and more information, you end up knowing a lot about sex, which in turn leaves you confident and helps you get rid of your inhibitions.

Sex is not just healthy for your body but also your mind.

Hand- jobs

A man always appreciates a good hand-job. Not the sloppy ones, where your hand does not know which direction to go. There are various techniques for giving great hand-jobs. But you must also ask your man what he likes, and move your soft hands according to his pleasure while also surprising him with new techniques.

Talk dirty

Let your man spank you playfully while you whisper dirty into his ear. But seduction through dirty talk is an art one must Google first. You can also browse through adult videos to figure out how it must be said. When you have sufficient external information, customize it according to your personality.

Great dirty talking has almost never failed to turn a man on. Believe me. But be careful not to say something that could potentially turn him off.

Oral is not that bad

8 ways to spice up your bedroom

Go down on him from time to time, and let him return the favor as well. Oral sex is not all that bad.

Most men love receiving blowjobs. They enjoy the experience as much as you love orgasms.

But if you ever feel unsure about yourself, you can always take tips from videos online. Also, you can draw the curtains, lock the door, take a washed cucumber and start practicing right away! Many women do so, and when you’re alone you don’t even need to feel shy.

Keep him hungry for you

Say, you two are about to go for dinner with his boss and office colleagues. You get ready, leave. Just before arriving at the restaurant, give him a hot kiss, a soft nibble on the lips, feel him up in the most sensual way possible, and leave the kiss half-finished. This leaves your man hungry and wanting more.

You can also send him dirty texts and whisper things into his ear from time to time. But always remember, do this at an event, party or dinner, where you know you cannot have sex.

Vacations are too mainstream


8 ways to spice up your bedroom

So go on a sexcation, with the full intention to explore your sex-life! Pack your scantiest, sexiest outfits, your hottest thongs and lingerie, and head to the nearest romantic location that you have left undiscovered.

Talk about your fantasies with each other, make them happen if possible and desired, explore different positions, and simply GO WILD!

Break all the walls

In order to be one with him, you must break all his walls. Get under his skin, understand him, communicate with him, give him love in the bedroom. Also, let him love you, know the real you, tell him all about yourself, give him time to understand you.

If you have already been through this stage, you can deepen intimacy by seeing how well you can communicate without using words, in silence. Or when you’re having sex, look directly into each other’s eyes dropping all inhibitions.

Boost his ego

8 ways to spice up your bedroom

Nagging has never done anybody any good. Nobody likes a person who nags. So quit nagging, start praising. And you will see how he showers you with brilliant sex, gifts and flattery.

Praise his muscles, or tell him how much you adore his eyes or laughter. Always remember, the more you make him feel like a stud, the better he will be with you in the bedroom. Tell him he is a sexy beast, and he will start believing he is one. And his energy and boosted ego will reflect in bed.

A man needs as much love as you do. So don’t just sit there and expect him to do nice things for you while you keep pointing his flaws out. Accept his flaws, move on, and concentrate on his achievements. Make him feel good about himself, let him know you truly care. Not only will this do wonders to your sex life but also will this help you build a better, beautiful and strong relationship.

Consider these ideas of non- sexual touches to make your relationship crease- free!



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