8 Tips To Remember When You Feel Homesick

Living alone and being independent is a great idea. You get to explore everything you couldn’t have if you were at your native place with your parents. Although there are so many pros to living alone and far away, the cons are not far behind. Homesickness gets to everyone. Contrary to the belief that only kids and youngsters miss their homes, people of any age can feel the longing because home is home and no one can give you the comfort and belongingness that it does. You should never feel ashamed of being homesick.

8 Tips To Remember When You Feel Homesick

At times you’ll be hit by the nostalgia for home, you’ll just miss sitting by the window observing rains or miss waking up to your mom’s voice. It is okay to feel homesick but it is not okay to brush away your feelings without acknowledging them. Some people ignore the feelings to such an extent that it starts having an effect on their lives and at the end, they return back to their places. Don’t be one of those people. Don’t let it start affecting you that much. Here are a few tips that might actually help you and make you feel better whenever you are feeling homesick:


Being Homesick Is Completely Normal

When you shift to a new place almost everyone feels homesick. Some are good at hiding it while some are not. It might be so because you have never been away from your home for more than a month or so and that’s why you might be missing your home. Don’t think this is a shortcoming in you. No, this is completely normal, you have been living in your home all your childhood and leaving it now isn’t that easy and that’s why you might miss it. Just accept it as a normal thing. Go out and reach out to new people and things will eventually fall into place. You just need to give yourself time to be okay with your present living situation.


Set Up A Familiar Environment At Your New Place

8 Tips To Remember When You Feel Homesick

The feeling of being homesick might bug you a lot and it may make you restless. So what you could do about this is set up an environment just like your home. Things that have a high sentimental value to you or cultural value to you like photos or any other such items that make you feel homely should be placed. These things will help you in feeling connected to your home and family. But don’t overdo it, don’t go on setting your home just like your parent’s home because that isn’t healthy. You have to maintain a balance. Embrace the change but add some homely touch to it. Moreover, not everything is about physical objects, you live in the generation of 4g you can certainly video call your mom or dad to pacify this homesick feeling.


Reach Out To Someone

One way to deal with your homesickness would be talking about your feelings with someone. Don’t let these feelings just be inside you. Learn to acknowledge them; not acknowledging these feelings might worsen your homesickness. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Call up your best friend back home or your cousin who can understand your feelings and vent it out to them. It doesn’t mean you are ‘weak’. Talking things out with someone makes you feel light from inside. And when the other person actually understands what you are going through and he/ she talks a few things with you it will make you feel better.


Build New Connections In The New Settings

8 Tips To Remember When You Feel Homesick

Make friends with neighbors or colleagues in the new place where you have shifted. Bonding with new people might give a breath of fresh hour and make you happy. It will help you in dealing with the homesick feelings. Don’t go all outgoing and make friends with whoever you meet. No, we are talking about actual friendships. I know it will be a bit hard for the introverts as they are not as outgoing as the extroverts. For introverts, it is hard to go out and be all social with people. Do it in your own way. Even if it takes more time for you to make relations than others, let it be so. Don’t change yourself in order to gain acceptance.


Start Doing Things You Loved To Do At Home

Remember how you used to have set traditions and rituals back home? Start doing them again. Although you aren’t at your home but doing these things will make you feel good, they’ll make you feel at home. Find similar activities, for example, if you used to go to temple every Sunday then start following it here as well. If you used to have a movie marathon on every Sunday afternoon with you parents do it here as well. All these things are bittersweet memories and you can follow these traditions in your new home as well. Prepare your favorite food, yes the dish that you used to love the most and eat it, even offer it to your friends or neighbors. Even though you’ll be hit by nostalgia by this, it will make you feel home.


Reminding Yourself Why You Moved

If you chose to move from your home to a certain new place, it had to be for a valid reason. Maybe you moved for a better education or for a job or for any such reason. Whenever you feel homesick and if the urge is very strong just remind yourself all the reasons why you moved here. Remind yourself of all the struggles you went through to set up a new place, to get comfortable in this new place, all of it has got to mean something to you, right? All of these things will set your perspective right. Yes, you miss home, it makes you feel worse but it will subdue. It will get better. Change takes time. So give yourself time.


Go Out And Enjoy The New Environment

8 Tips To Remember When You Feel Homesick

When you are new to someplace you don’t often venture out as you used to at the old place. But staying at your new place is bringing back the homesick feelings for you which are suffocating for you. So don’t be stuck in your new home all the time. Go out. It may be the new place but you have to explore it someday. Building a new connection will make you feel excited to live there. It will help you fight the homesickness. Ask the locals out there about the good places or good things to do. Take time out and visit these places, try new things, new food and feel connected with the place. You’ll definitely come to love something about your new place.


Develop A New Interest

Try to maintain a positive aura around you. Take interest in new things, find passion and start something new. Add things to your routine so that you can evolve and become a better person. You might ask how this helps in fighting homesickness. You see when you move to new place, you not only change your place of living but you end up living alone. You start feeling lonely. In order to beat this feeling of loneliness, which evokes the homesick feeling you need to develop a new interest. You can even start working out or meditation because it will help you in feeling fresh and happy.

Having a bit of perseverance and patience will help you in feeling at home in your new environment. It will get rid of the homesickness. Give it some time and you’ll be okay.