8 Ways to achieve great orgasms!


How to get to heaven in bed? It is both difficult and easy at the same time. It is the ‘Oh-So magical’ feeling that people (lucky enough!) claim to have experienced! Not only does having an orgasm seem to be a herculean task, at times even figuring out whether you have had one is tough. Also known as the ‘O’, the only hindrance to experiencing it is ‘you’, they say. Adding to the struggle is an even harder thing to answer, that is, the question of ‘how to’ have one? You probably won’t go even closer to it the first time. But trust me, it’s worth the wait!

Guys love women who take charge of things in the bedroom. Trust me on this. If he is successful in getting you there tell him. But if not, do not fake. It won’t do any good to either of you. Not only will you end up being frustrated, is he finds out, you might just crush his ego. There will soon be another time when you can experiment. Don’t lose hope. I have tried to put together all that I know of it and have practically tried out.


Master the skill to Masturbate :

Yeah, you read it right. Please yourself first and only then you can expect your partner to please you. You understand your right spots best. You know stimulating which part feels good. Every body type and its needs are different. Do not expect your partner to be all- knowing or a mind reader. In fact, guide him to help to get closer to the ‘O’. Help him understand not just the right spot but also the process and the fantasies that get you there.



It is all about the mutual desire to satisfy each other. Help your partner dig the gold by confidently communicating to him what makes the achievement easier. The intensity of the pressure as well as the speed at which he should stimulate your hot spots need specificity. If that still makes it difficult for you to succeed, consider giving yourself a hand while he thrusts deep inside you.


The foreplay:

This is extremely important to get you all fired up. You need to flame up the heat meter to get enticed into the act. Your lips and boobs not only have sex appeal, but also sensitive nerve endings to make the flames soar high. Stimulating those boobs (no matter what the size!) will release the hormones that will help you climax right to the finish. Clitoral stimulation is the easiest way to achieve an orgasm. Oral sex itself can give you orgasm , if done the right way.


De-stress yourself:

Women need to remain stress free to achieve the big ‘O’. Men are more flexible and can experience the same almost anywhere and anytime. We are complex. If you are constantly tangled up in your professional thoughts you bedroom experience will be a disaster. Consider relaxing every inch of your body before you commit to the act. Experiment with music, candles, perfumes or watch the craziest porn video together; if they please you. Chances are, you will savour the magic.


Stop competing:

Understand that factually, men cum out faster than women. It might take you longer to finish than your partner. It’s completely alright! Slow down his chances of jerking off by manipulating your moves and activities. Do not rush into finishing the act. Get him rolling but then again, stop abruptly. Push him closer to the orgasm but don’t let him reach him soon. Get naughtier by teasing him like this. This will buy you enough time. Not only will he crave for you more, chances are, you will come out together.


Stop thinking, just act:

Your sexual energies need to converge into one. If you are constantly under the pressure of achieving an orgasm you are inclined to be moving away from it. Stop worrying. It’s ok if you fail. There’s always another day to fall back upon.



No, I am not asking you to rush to the gym in order to have orgasms easily. Try Kegels. It calls for pulling your vaginal muscles inwards and then relaxing them (similar to what you do when you have to control your pee). This will tighten the vagina and help you feel the stimulation better.


Gather confidence:

Do anything that makes you feel confident. Worship your body. You need not care about whether your parts are visually appealing. Also, you do not have to be conscious of how your ‘O’ face appears. Moan or scream out loud and get engrossed into the act fully. This will get you man all thrilled and motivated to satisfy your need to orgasm.



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