8 Ways to conquer the art of surviving on your own!

The practice of living on your own can be really hard. Dependent on our parents for years and years, makes us hard to take the pathway of surviving on our own abilities. We become so habitual to things and breaking from that symmetry is really uncomfortable. But to be practical, we all have to embark on our individual journeys at some point in time in our lives. That feeling is totally empowering and we all have to go through it and we must. Well! If you are confused on how to start living on your own then this article could be really helpful. It covers all the basics of how to survive on your own.

8 Ways to conquer the art of surviving on your own!


Well, it is obvious that surviving on your own means financial independence at the first place. And in order to acquire that one must have a job in hand. So, the foremost thing to do is to prepare or create a resume, search for jobs in newspapers or online, make an outstanding cover letter, make calls and go to interviews. Securing a job means being able to buy bread and butter for yourself. One suggestion would be to consider military and public services as these occupations best teach the art of living on your own. You can speak to your recruiters.


8 Ways to conquer the art of surviving on your own!

Living in a rented apartment? Or as a paying guest? Look for a roommate. It will lighten the burden of rent fee and expenditures on daily chores. If you have a roommate, then establish ground rules. You shouldn’t be the one buying all the groceries and paying extra electricity bills. Make sure that your roommate is in sync and is adhering to the mutually decided rules.




8 Ways to conquer the art of surviving on your own!

Overdue of bills means unnecessary extra expense. Write the due dates in your diary or note it somewhere where you easily notice them. Maintain consistency in paying the rent and always make on-time payments. This is one thing which you need to equip yourself with i.e. to be timely when it comes to payments.



One of the most common mistakes that people do and burn a hole in their pockets is that they get lazy to cook for themselves and instead order food. The amount of money you spend on all that junk and greasy food in a day can get you the food for an entire week. All you need to do is cook enough, so that the leftovers can be utilized for the next day. You shouldn’t be using time as an excuse because there are so many yummy recipes available online that are not just simple but are ready to serve in 10-15 minutes. This can save you a lot of money and also keep you healthy.



Every now and then, home has repairs. Sometimes the flush is not working or the tap is jammed or the lights are fused. Get yourself trained in doing your chores. Calling additional help every time something goes wrong in the house is quite expensive. And developing this skill can help you save money.



8 Ways to conquer the art of surviving on your own!

The heavy advertisements that are never out of sight creates an urge inside us to buy things that we don’t really need. When you are surviving on your own, you must curb this temptation from taking over your budget. Shop for things mindfully. Prepare a list of things you want to buy before you leave home. Commit to sticking to that list and do not go overboard with your shopping cart.



If one thing is food then the other area where a lot of money is invested is transportation. Taking cabs daily to and from office can literally leave you with zero savings at the end of the month. Smarter options would be to opt for carpooling, bike or taking walks wherever possible.



Now is the time when you should face your fears. Your parents are not going to be around and you have to tackle things completely alone. You cannot let your fears keep you back. If there is anything that scares you, for instance, if you are scared of flies, you must swat it yourself and not hide under the bed. If you are scared of crowded place, then go out and shop in a crowded area instead of ordering things online.


These are life skills that you need to learn in order to survive on your own happily. One must treat himself with the experience of staying alone and taking all the responsibilities as the feeling is extraordinary and one is truly empowered. One goes through overall development and personalities improve. You become much more aware, organized and calculative with your decisions. You begin to analyze pros and cons before taking a decision and you are more confident about yourself.





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