8 Ways to get yourself noticed at work!

Promoting yourself at work is very important if you want to get yourself noticed. So don’t feel guilty about promoting yourself. If you want to get ahead in the work sphere then don’t shy away from giving your best performance.

While confidence and hard work is the key to earning a good name at work, sometimes they don’t suffice by themselves. There are a few other things you could keep in mind the next time you seek to impress those around you, be it at your new work space or in the same old one. These aren’t difficult-to-follow stuff at all. It is just that one has to be persistent enough to reap the benefits from application of these tips. They might not always just work for you in a day’s time, so you need to have patience. It could either take a week to show its results or even a year.

8 Ways to get yourself noticed at work!

Read on to know about these tactics you should opt for, when looking to get noticed at work.



Our workplaces become like our second home, which is why it is so important to interact with the family members in order to build a rapport. Don’t hence stick to your cabin or with the same old group of colleagues or groups you work with. Try and widen your gamut and make your presence felt; get yourself noticed by walking around in the floor every once in a while.

Walk around, greet others, and exchange warm smiles, also sometimes a word or two. This will help others to get to know you. Also a smile has the potential to brighten up an otherwise not a very pleasant day, for someone. This will make them see you in a favourable light, and the more people you get to like you, the better it is for your presence.



Spread good words about someone you think is doing well for themselves. You could even report to higher management with regard to someone’s performance in particular person’s presence. This will let that particular person grow fondness for you.

They will trust you and if asked for recommendation will want to refer you.

Try and throw a farewell party for a colleague who was associated with the company for a long time and is retiring. Do the same for someone who is being promoted. Organize a small party congratulating your colleague. This will not only help you gain respect in the eyes of one person but in the process of getting people to come together to celebrate you will be getting yourself noticed and making your presence felt.


Involve yourself in office activities, so that you get noticed. Take part in the competitions that are held in frolic annually. Contribute to their website in any possible way, write for their journal or add to their newsletter. Do anything through which you can make your worth felt in the company and your talent recognizable to the people working for it. You are going to be self publicising while nurturing your own expertise and putting it to application in the best possible manner, choosing the perfect platform you think suitable.



Try not to stick to just one group of people. You need to try and get out of your comfort zone. You become what you feel. If you feel as though you aren’t the type who can easily mingle with people then that is what you will become. However if you feel like a leader, and exhibit interest in your work, show initiation and have a proactive approach then you are bound to be noticed at work.

Always take up tasks on yourself and try to give them your best performance.


8 Ways to get yourself noticed at work!

Beginning with presiding over meetings to leading a task force and leading people out of a clash can make you appear as the quintessential leader.

Profess your leadership skills even better by exhibiting them when the situations call for it – this is a great way to show your managerial skills, because workplace brawls are pretty common and if you are someone who is otherwise respected by both the parties then chances are you will have an easy say at being able to mediate the conflict.  If not already close friends with both the parties then use diplomacy to relax the conflict. A great way to relax a conflict is through humour, but the issue with humour is, it weighs you down, in the sense, your seriousness is diluted, so if you want to use your humour, make sure that people don’t take it for granted and treat you as easy going and not so serious.


Offer to help the person who joined recently. Ask the others if and how you could help them with finishing their tasks. Share what’s yours. All of these gestures will be appreciated and an acknowledgement should come to you in ways you’re currently unaware of.

You never know who can prove beneficial and helpful for you. So try and maintain a fine rapport with even the service staff at office.


You need to work hard above all. No matter what other things you do to gain others’ notice, it is always a cherry on top when you have your best foot forward, working to give your best performance. It is the most excellent way to reach in the best employee of the year or the best performance of the year list and getting in these lists are the only way you’ll be able to make an impression on the top management. If you want to make your presence felt then there is no substitute to performing as well as you can.


8 Ways to get yourself noticed at work!

Knowledge outside of work is very appealing. You will receive respect from the juniors, and appreciation from the seniors, because you will be looked up to for information and advice on matters you are affluent with. This also contributes to your leadership skills which you must make apparent in order to get noticed, especially among upper management.

Read. Read as much as possible, read books, journals, industrial magazines, and the newspaper in order to update yourself. It is extremely important in today’s world to be very affluent with the current affairs of the world along with company related knowledge. Widen your gamut of wisdom so that you can be looked up to. Respect will obviously guarantee a noticeable demeanour.

These are a few ways in which you can get yourself noticed. All of this is a possibility when you have utmost belief in yourself and confidence. Keep going and you will get what you deserve. Always put your best foot forward and be positive. Don’t worry about the results. As long as you are giving your best you’re good to go. You will reap the benefits of your performance and hard work sometime. Only keep working hard.

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