9 Actions that reveal his true feelings for you!

Do you usually find it difficult to realise if your partner loves you or not? He might express it or may not, but here are sure shot ways to tell if at all he feelings for you are truely genuine. Sometimes, words are not enough to make people feel what you feel for them. It is actions that speak louder than words.


He is supportive of you:

9 Actions that reveal his true feelings for you!

This is the most important way to understand a man’s feelings for you. If he loves and wants the best for you, he will let you accomplish whatever you want to. He will be happy when you succeed and will pick you up when you are at your lowest. If he doesn’t do these, be alarmed for he doesn’t feel anything for you.


He patiently listens to all that you have to say:


This means he listens and understands all that bothers you. He wants to listen to all that you have to convey to him, about him or anyone or anything else. It is quite easy to tell of someone is nodding his head or is carefully processing your words. When he remembers all that you told him and acts on what is necessary for you or for the betterment of the relationship, you are blessed to have a very genuine person who loves you.


He shows how  much he adores you:


He will always be on a lookout for chances to express his feelings. His body language is something that you should be careful about. It will be very clear because he will touch you, kiss you, hold your  waist and even passionately pull you close. When you are down he will wipe your tears and snuggle with you. He will always be open to cuddles and will never cease the opportunity to hold you tight.


You can observe his feelings in the littlest things that he will do:

 9 Actions that reveal his true feelings for you!

He might actually drop you back home no matter how late or inconvenient that is for him. He will be very kind and will actually make efforts to be with you whenever he can. He will offer help when you do the dishes or even say ‘yes’ to sharing the household chores with you. He will do all that is possible to show that he really cares about you.


He will look deep into your eyes:


He might just want to catch glimpses of you whenever he can. He will occasionally stare at you when you aren’t noticing and sometimes look deep into your eyes without giving you an explanation for what he was thinking. You will find him lost for words at times and that look in his eyes will be magical.


He will smile whenever you do something physically intimate:


He will actually love it when you kiss him or snuggle with him or look for his shoulder to support your head on. It will actually be very enjoyable for him to see you do things to him. This happiness is a clear sign that you mean so much to him. That you are the reason for his happiness. His touch need not always be erotic but just enough to show how much he craves you.


He has you around when he is with his friends:

 9 Actions that reveal his true feelings for you!

A man who isn’t confident of you will never have you around his friends. When he equally tries being friendly with your friends, he is very much into you. Also closely watch if your man behaves well with you around them. If he is affectionate and caring, his feelings are very genuine. The moment you notice any change whenever his friends are around, understand that he isn’t proud enough to have you or doesn’t really love you.


He doesn’t shy away from PDA:


A man who is truely into you will never shy away from flaunting what he has got. He will engage in PDA whenever he can and won’t really care about what others think. A kiss or a hug is something that he will naturally do. If that isn’t the case, he isn’t really serious about you.


He stays in touch and tells you whatever excites him:


You are the first person who comes to his mind when he has something very exciting to share. Sometimes he will just call without any reason but only to hear you speak. He will tell you all that happened with him throughout the day no matter how trivial the information is. He will just need an excuse to speak with you. He is always open to your opinions and wants to know what you feel about matters that concern you.


Knowing what he feels about you will not just keep you sane but also have you under complete control of your feelings. This will save you a terrible heartache if at all you discover later that the signs of his fake feelings were clear down the road but you failed to understand that.