9 Amazing Ways To Spend Your Birthday This Year!


So it’s your birthday! Weren’t you planning it since weeks? All of us wants our birthdays to be celebrated in a unique way, different from how we celebrated it the last year. It’s a very important day of our life and we don’t want to ruin it, not in our wildest dreams! Remember when you were a child, how you used to plan your big day weeks ago and think about all the gifts and celebrations? You can still make your birthday thrilling they way it used to be. Here are some beautiful ways to make your Birthday a memorable one!


  • BOOK A DANCE LOUNGE – Dancing is so exciting! And the fun is doubled when you have all of your friends grooving with you.Yeah! You can throw a party at a dance lounge and have the best time of your life!
  • GO CAMPINGAdventure, Adventure everywhere. Camping is the best affair! If you have enough funds, go camping. What more can you ask for than a peaceful and thrilling time with nature?


  • DINNER AT HOME– It might sound boring to you, but it’s a great way to make your family bond stronger. You can order or cook delicious recipes at home. Invite all your cousins and siblings who might be staying away from home and know what’s going on in their lives.
  • GO FOR A MOVIE– Here, you can have a nice family Watch a rom-com or a drama film and give yourself the best time of your life.


  • PLAN A ROAD TRIP– Celebrate your birthday in a very romantic way! Go on a road trip that will give you and your boyfriend time to know each other better. One the whole, you can have sizzling hot romance!
  • GO ON A DATE– You can go on a lunch date, a brunch date, a dinner date, a movie date, a beach date or a club date. Keep all your social media burdens aside and have a quiet candlelight dinner with your sweetheart. No disturbance, just the two of you.


  • VISIT AN NGO– An excellent way to make yourself happy. Visit an NGO, spend time with the specially-abled and treat them well. You will feel peaceful yet happy.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF– If you’ve spent your year working very hard, you can stay home on your birthday and give yourself a nice massage. You can then go shopping, eat wherever you want or wrap up yourself on the couch and read a book.