9 Habits to Improve Your Self-esteem and Lifestyle

How are you feeling today? Are you starting the day or is it ending? Did you have enough self-esteem to achieve what you set out to do today? A good day cannot be a good day if you are full of bad thoughts. We are going to see how to work on this facet, which will undoubtedly help you build a unique “me”.

In a quick definition, we could say that self-esteem is being happy with yourself and knowing yourself worthy of the good things that happen in your day-to-day, as well as if they happened to another person.

In general, false beliefs about ourselves cause our worth as a person to decline after having gone through some unpleasant experiences. Today we will give you 9 practical tips to increase your self-esteem.

1.   Don’t beat yourself up for your mistakes

Don’t treat yourself badly. If the same thing happened to a friend of yours, surely you wouldn’t talk to yourself the way you do. Treat yourself with affection, with indulgence, you sure did the best you could at that precise moment. If you had been able or had thought to do something different, you would have done it differently. That wrong decision was not with bad intention. Learn to forgive yourself and be understanding with yourself to avoid future mistakes.

2.   It doesn’t matter what others say

If you place a lot of importance on what other people think of you, your life will revolve around it instead of around you. Whenever you worry about what someone might be thinking of you, keep in mind that the other person may also be worried about what you are thinking of them.

3.   Learn to say NO

When there is something you don’t want to do, when it doesn’t convince you or you don’t like it, just say NO. Start working your limits, because if you don’t, others may impose on yours, and that will end up making you feel bad. You may hold out once, twice, three times, but when you do what others want and you don’t do what you want, you lose strength because you lose yourself. Knowing how to say NO is also knowing how to take care of yourself. Always remember that you have no obligation to do something you do not want.

4.   Your happiness is yours

Try to be happy for at least five minutes a day. Not necessarily because of something in particular, just feel happy, smile. Your happiness should not depend on events but your opinion about them. Think of something that helps you remember how you felt on a happy day in your life. Bring that moment to the present. Although other people can influence sometimes, the reality is that it depends only on you. This happiness will increase with practice.

5.   Pamper yourself every day

Reserve a moment every day for yourself to do what you want gives you personal satisfaction or pleasure. The demands and daily routine take us away from our own life. Your time is yours, take advantage of it every day to do something that you really like. You can read a chapter of a novel, take a hot bath, go for a walk, go on BetAmerica.com and consult the latest odds for the NBA in the warmth of your home, or just sunbathe in your garden.

6.   Accept yourself Here and Now

The answer to accepting yourself is not in the future, it is here and now. The important thing is that you do not need to change something about yourself (nothing that you really feel), because with what you are you are already valid, either because of your characteristics or your experiences. We all have demands or responsibilities to meet. “Maybe if I can do this or that, everything would be better” or “I would be a great person if I achieved this and started doing that” are phrases based on a future that has not yet arrived and that prevents accept us here and now. These kinds of phrases always postpone our self-acceptance. In this way, we are always going to feel useless. Remember, here and now.

7.   Look on the bright side

Life is long and we will always make mistakes because we don’t have any instruction books to go through life. Life is our way to that instruction book that gives us learning, experience. Making mistakes does not make us useless, nor does success make us better people. We are human and acknowledging our mistakes is a sign of self-esteem and maturity. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn to look at the glass as half full.

8.   Accept praise

It is not about responding to a compliment by saying “I’m very good at this” or “I did super well” for example, but accepting it with a “thank you”. Recognize when you do things well and let others appreciate it. We have been taught that vanity is not good. In certain situations, many respond with an “It’s not so bad” or “I could have done better“, but when someone praises us for a good job or a significant achievement, and we downplay it, there is no modesty, there is the insecurity of not feeling totally worthy of something.

9.   There is No One superior

We are all made of flesh and blood. No one is more than you. You do not have to admire a person because they have more money, more degrees, or more knowledge. These people may be different from you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Artificial criteria have no value when it comes to consenting to “the value of respect”. Beware of people who want you to believe that the more you have, the more you are worth. That’s a way of getting over you when they find the moment, and – perhaps unconsciously – you’re letting them do it.

Bottom line

Do not betray yourself, your ideas, or your truths to please others. This will make you feel dishonest with yourself and you will attract people, who deep down, are not worth it. Wanting to please everyone is exhausting.

People’s appreciation is not earned by changing who you are, but by understanding that we will not always sympathize with everyone. This does not mean that you can say what you want without respecting others, but that your ideas are as important as anyone’s, even if others do not agree with you. It is important that you value what you think, and say what you feel instead of saying what others want to hear from you or what you think others want to hear from you.

How much confidence do you have in yourself and what you can achieve?

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