9 Signs of disrespect that shouldn’t be tolerated in Marriage!

Marriage is a partnership between two people who are equals. there is none who is superior to the other. You rise and fall together and lift each other up. You have to honour and respect each other as an individual first rather than considering someone a slave whose sole purpose is to serve your needs. Marriages are never easy. Problems in marriages are universal despite the nature being different among different couples. Here are a signs that you should look out for in marriage that screams disrespect. These in no way should be tolerated even if they appear disguised or manipulated.


He is hooked on to gadgets


Yeah gadgets are irreplaceable these days. We love to stay connected and know what’s happening in people’s lives but you surely shouldn’t stay glued to it all time showing a lack of concern for your partner. When you do that all the time, it shows your partner that you don’t consider them a priority.


His friends rule his life


Friends are necessities. They do make your life much better when things go wrong but when you are married you need to be respectful of the space that you share with your partner. You may not want to discuss deep intimate secrets and embarrass your partner in front of your friends.


You stay a secret

9 Signs of disrespect that shouldn't be tolerated in Marriage!

If you treat your partner like she should be divorced from your social life that is really unfair. Marriage should bond you more and you become equal partners. What’s worse is when he engages in serious conversations with his acquaintances without introducing you to them and cares the east about involving you in the talks. People need to take pride in their partners and not make them an object of mockery.


He doesn’t share household chores


Just because one does the work outside that doesn’t mean the other’s work at home is any less. Or just because both work that doesn’t mean she should come back home and immediately get involved in the household tasks for the sole reason that she is a woman. you need to be sensitive towards your partner. Any kind of help is always appreciated and always be proactive in whatever little help you could offer.


Your achievements don’t matter


When you love someone, you will naturally be happy to see your better half prosper and grow. Whatever your partner accomplishes is your accomplishment too. You need to express your happiness and encourage her even more so that she keeps achieving much better things in life. However, if you feel like your man cares the least about your work, see it as disrespect. There is no way your partner should be jealous of you even if you are doing much better than him in life.


He makes you feel bad about yourself


Instead of picking opportunities to ridicule, shame or belittle you a real partner would always pick you up at your worst and be a constant source of motivation. If you find your partner continuously embarrassing you in public, he cares the least about your respect. He takes no pride in you and will pinpoint your shortcomings just so that he could give a boost to his ego. That sort of a partner is toxic.


He lies to you

 9 Signs of disrespect that shouldn't be tolerated in Marriage!

There is nothing better than complete honesty in a relationship. If you find your man constantly lying to you for every little thing, then he is trying to stay in control. An open and transparent relationship is one of deep respect. When that is absent, it is a matter of lack of companionship. When someone lacks the trustworthiness, they cheat on the relationship they promised to secure for life.


He never stands up for you

It is not about taking your side when you are the wrong doer in a particular situation. Of course, I do not promote blind faith and support but if you are righteous but your partner still takes someone else’s side, he doesn’t value you enough and your relationship lacks understanding. It is a situation of complete disrespect when your husband denies being on your side when you need him the most.


He acts fishy on social sites


These days social media can cause great damage to your relationship if your partner is not honest enough. If you find him being overly close to the opposite sex who you don’t know, or if you catch him red handed engaging in inappropriate conversations with someone then that’s infidelity. Sometimes emotional cheating does more harm. If your man does things behind you back, then he is cheating. Period. Don’t tolerate that sort of disrespect.


You may love your man to bits but you should love yourself too. Talk to him about what you feel is disrespectful and try and solve issues as soon as possible. Often lingering problems cause unwanted damage and more misunderstandings. So, stand up for yourself and ask your partner to eliminate disrespectful behaviour.