9 signs he wants to make love to you

Physical intimacy has its types. Yes! It does, and the need to have sex is only a type. What’s the other type you ask? It’s making love to someone. While sex is only an act to indulge in carnal pleasure. Making love to someone is the true expression of your feelings. Sex can be a one-night stand. It’s a necessity for procreation which even animals indulge in.

9 signs that he wants to make love to you

Making love, on the other hand, is not just a conduit for creation but also, a language. It is when you communicate your love through non-verbal actions. It is the union of two souls that are in love. It is an experience that can only be shared with someone you love. Having detailed the difference between the two, you probably already know not to fall for casual sex when you don’t want to. Or knowing the difference between the two can help you understand the relationship that you are in. not sure whether he just wants sex or really wants to make love to you? here’s a blog on Signs He Wants to Make Love to You, to help you out.


The Way He Looks at You


Do you want to know what a person is feeling? Learn to read their eyes. Eyes have aptly been called the window to a person’s soul. Do you often catch him looking at you with a cute or romantic smile on his face? Even when you are in a room full of people his eyes will always find you, even if you are hidden in a corner. That happens only when this man is in love with you. There are very few things that cinema tends to get right. This thing about men always being on the lookout for the one they love makes it to that list. I mean, don’t you? let’s not talk just about this guy that you are currently with. Even when you had a big crush on someone, weren’t you always trying to find them? Making love is a product of having fallen in love with someone. If he has fallen in love with you, his eyes will always find you, no matter where you are. More often than not, when you are minding your own business, you’ll find his eyes on you. You will know, just by looking at them, that this guy is head over heels for you.



The Way He Kisses You


I once read somewhere that a Kiss is a Man’s Signature. Not only is it unique to each man, they use it according to the commitment they feel towards the need at hand. Just as he would only sign his initials when he doesn’t want someone to know his real signature, you’ll know from his kiss if he really wants to indulge you or not. There’s a really awkwardly romantic exchange between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind about kissing, which the former ends by saying, “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” And this Ladies is your description of the kiss of a man who is in love with you. Does he kiss you long and hard? And not just your lips but different parts of your body? When he can’t make love to you he will kiss you. Kissing is a very intimate act of love which is taken lightly only by those who don’t care much about the person they are engaging with. If he does not shy away from giving you long, lingering deep kisses, he isn’t doing it just for the sex. You have found a man who wants to make love to you.



He Takes the Pain to Plan Dates


If he wants to make love to you, then there’s no wonder he can’t have enough of you. Now, he doesn’t want to make it just about the sex. So, he’ll put work in it. If you find him planning out dates with you, then that is a sign of a man in love. Another very good indicator of this is if he plans all the dates at his home. Netflix and Chill was not an expression, that got its sexual connotation from people who met for a casual date. He wants the date to be the foreplay, so that means all these dates will be memorable. You can tell from the effort he puts in that this man wants you to have a great time and not just be impressed. The reason why most of the dates are often at home is that the proximity to bed is closer. Didn’t I begin by telling you he can’t have enough of you? Well, he does expect to rewarded for his effort and hard work. Here’s also a tip if you don’t want to make love: try to keep the dates outside the house. That should work as a message too. If you are in love too, well, let this be the cupid’s arrow.



He Doesn’t Mind Taking It Slow


 9 signs that he wants to make love to you


Slow and steady wins the race, remember? Now, making love is not a race. But someone who is just in it for sex will always be in a haste. If your man is in love with you, then making love isn’t about the physical pleasure to him. He spends time on the foreplay and doesn’t mind waiting for you to be ready. Your lover wants the sex to be a way to connect with you on a whole new level. Like I said in the beginning, making love is a way of communicating. The sex will definitely be awesome in this case. And he wouldn’t just roll over and go to sleep afterward. This man wants to bond with you and will take every opportunity he gets. You’ll have long after-sex talks too. Chances are you will fall in love more during these conversations. This isn’t just about the experience is awesome, it’s also about him respecting your wishes. He doesn’t want to make the experience of making love about himself and his needs. His priority is that you have an amazing time.



He is Always Trying to Touch You


Physical intimacy, in essence, is about the touch. If your relationship has reached the point where you have fallen in love with each other, then the touching will increase. He doesn’t just want to communicate with words but also his body. The more you feel closer to someone in an intimate manner, the more you will touch them and let them touch you. A generous, loving and giving lover, wants to transcend all walls and be with you on a soul-to-soul connection. You’ll find him missing no opportunity to touch you. He’ll put his arm across your shoulders while watching a movie. Will comfort you with a hug when you are feeling down. Hold your hand whenever you two are out in public. All his feelings and emotions will be expressed with physical touch as an aid. I wouldn’t be surprised if his touch arouses you. That is the point of being in love after all, isn’t it? Feeling the electricity pass through you when your lover touches you or is near. His gentle touches and fierce hugs will transfer his feelings into your body and that will lead to making love.


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